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Eden Prairie MN Siding Contractor

Eden Prairie MN Siding Contractor | 3 Signs of Water Damage

If you haven’t consulted with a roofing contractor for a while, you might be wondering if it’s the right time to update your roof or siding. It turns out, there are a number of ways you can check to see if there are serious problems with your siding. Here are three signs that your siding could be affected by water damage: Eden Prairie MN siding contractor 

Peeling Paint

One important sign that there is an issue with your siding is peeling or chips in the paint of your home that continue reappearing, despite your efforts to repaint. When paint just won’t stick to the sides of your home, it often means that the siding is damp or otherwise damaged. This can be a problem particularly if you have wooden siding. When you contact your roofing contractors in Eden Prairie MN to check out your siding, they can further inspect the areas that look like they have issues with peeling paint. If they notice cracks or holes in the wood or signs of water damage, they will be able to repair or replace the siding to solve the problem.

Warped or Sagging Wood

One of these signs that your contractors may be looking for is warped or sagging wood, especially in places where you also see problems with chipping or peeling paint. This can be a difficult issue to check for on your own, because it may not be outwardly noticeable around the sides of your home, unlike problems with the paint. When you hire the best roofing company in Eden Prairie MN, they will be able to check for soft spots or other signs of rotting wood or damaged siding. If you catch this issue early on, it can prevent larger structural problems from occurring later. These problems would be much more expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Problems Inside Your Home

Lastly, water damage in your siding can cause problems inside your home as well. It can cause cracks, holes, and sagging wood in your siding, which can let cold air and moisture into your home. Inside your house, you could look for signs of discoloration, water dripping or mold in your walls or ceiling. This is a sure sign that there is a problem with moisture entering your home. This is often through your roof or siding, which need to be repaired or replaced. For help looking for early signs of water damage outside or inside your home, be sure to contact the experienced team at Capstone Bros Contracting.

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Eden Prairie MN siding contractor

Eden Prairie MN siding contractor 

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