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Roofing Companies Near Me Minnetonka MN

Edina MN Roof Repair | 3 Roofing Issues Caused By Winter

Edina MN Roof Repair | 3 Roofing Issues Caused By Winter

Edina MN Roof Repair

After a long winter, you may be surprised to find roof damage that was covered under all the snow. While you may not see the consequences of this roof damage yet, even if it’s minor, it’s recommended to have to checked out and repaired as soon as possible. If you allow damage to go untreated on your roof, you may end up paying for it later when more severe issues begin to arise, so you should be on the lookout for signs. Here are 3 roofing issues caused by winter: Edina MN Roof Repair | Roof repair in Edina MN | Roof damage Edina MN | Roofers Near Me

Edina MN Roof Repair | Ice on Roof

Having ice on your roof can be a normal part of winter, but when snow and ice repeatedly melt and refreeze, ice dams can accumulate on your roof. You should watch out for the possible formation of ice dams as they can become dangerously heavy, wreaking havoc on your roof. Ice dams can cause leaks into your attic and house and can ruin your shingles and gutters. However, this can all be prevented when you take proper care of your roof, especially if you have a roof with a pitch that is more horizontal than vertical or has valleys that can easily trap snow. If your home has an ice dam or roof damage due to the winter conditions, call Capstone Bros Contracting today. Your local roofing contractors in Edina MN can help you through the repair process and help prevent further damage. Roofing contractors in Edina MN | Roofers in Edina MN | Edina MN Roof repair company

Edina MN Roof Repair | High Winds

In Minnesota, we often have the misconception that our roofs are safer during the winter because there are fewer storms with severe winds occurring. However, even high winter winds can cause damage to your roof. In fact, according to the National Weather Service, at around 45 mph wind can begin to cause minor damage to your roof, such as shingles being blown off that were already a little loose or damaged. The higher the wind speed gets, however, the more damage is bound to occur. High winds can tear shingles, flashing, and gutters off of your home, as well as knock frozen tree branches out of trees and onto your house. These can cause minimal to severe damage to your home, and often times it’s hard to see the extent of the damage without looking into the structure. For help determining the extent of roof damage to your home, or for help with making roof repairs, call Capstone Bros Contracting, the best roofing company in Edina MN today. Roof help Edina MN | Roofing help Edina MN

Edina MN Roof Repair | Water Damage in Attic

With the heat coming from your furnace and the cold coming from the winter weather outside, condensation can occur in your house, especially up in your attic. This can happen when there isn’t adequate insulation or air ventilation. This causes moisture to build up and create water damage in your attic. Not only can this cause typical water damage issues like mold and roof leaks, but it can also cause problems with your drywall, the structure of your house, and can cause wood buckling. If you notice condensation happening in your attic, call Capstone Bros Contracting for local roof leak repair in Edina MN. Our roofers can assess the damage, prevent more from occurring, and repair what has been ruined. Roof repair near Edina MN | Roof repair near me | Roof Contractors near me

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