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How Can You Tell If Your Roof Is Damaged

How Can You Tell If Your Roof Is Damaged?

The integrity of your house’s roof is essential to the safety of your family. Unfortunately, even a well-established roofing system requires repair or replacement. There are certain telltale signs you need to look out for that show you need to repair your roof. These signs can be observed from the interior of your house, from the ground, and from the roof.

Here are the top 9 signs that show your roof is damaged and needs immediate repair.

#1 Accumulation of granules

The granules in old roofs loosen over time due to certain environmental elements. Look for signs of granule accumulation in the gutter or around the downspouts. If you can see signs of heavy shedding, then your roof is damaged.

#2 Clogged or leaky gutters

Clogged or leaking gutters are easy to identify. If rainwater goes over the gutter top instead of the downspouts, then you need a roof replacement. If neglected, clogged or leaky gutters can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage to the structure and siding of your house.

#3 Cracked, broken, or curling shingles

You can easily detect cracked, broken, or curling shingles from the ground. If only a few shingles are broken or cracked, then you can get away with repairs. However, if all the shingles are curled or broken, then you may need a complete roof replacement.

#4 Missing shingles

If you notice that a few shingles are missing, replace them immediately. If neglected, this can lead to long-term structural problems such as mold, rotting, etc.

#5 Hail damage

If household items on the ground, in the driveway, or yard are damaged, then it is a sign that your roof is damaged. Check your car, air conditioning unit, as well as lawn furniture for dents or cracks. If you notice that your landscaping has also been damaged, then call a roofing expert for inspection immediately.

#6 Water damage

If you see discoloration or dark spots on your walls or ceilings, then it is another sign that your roof is compromised. Water leakage leads to structural damage, rotting, mold, etc., so it requires immediate attention, too.

#7 Attic problems

If you find rotting, mold, or damaged items in your attic, then your roof is leaking. If you see these signs in your attic, get in touch with a professional roofer to get your roof inspected as soon as possible.

#8 Shingle damage

Shingle damage may not always be observed from the ground, so you need to call an experienced roofing contractor to inspect the extent of shingle damage. Only then can you decide if you need small repairs or roof replacement.

#9 Hidden damage

There are certain damages that can only be assessed by a professional roofing contractor. A professional assesses the damage from on your rooftop, so they can easily identify the extent of damage and suggest a suitable solution. If you see any signs of roof damage, give the expert roofers at Capstone Bros Contracting a call and schedule a detailed roof inspection now!

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