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The soffit and fascia on your home is often overlooked. However, it is important that you are not only choosing soffit that can complement the exterior of your home but that you are also installing the right amount of ventilation. When installed in the right areas soffits allow your roof to breath, maximizing its life and preventing various other roof problems in the future. At Capstone Bros. Contracting we provide a wide range of soffit and fascia options for new and existing homes and commercial properties. If you are looking to replace your soffit or fascia, then contact our team to ask about your options.

Soffit and Fascia Selection

The soffit is the underlay of your exterior and most commonly seen under the roof line, from outdoor living areas such as balconies and patios, and also in porches and decks that are under cover.

The fascia is the material that goes above the soffit and serves as a decorative “face” or trim running along the entire roof line of the house. Many people will choose to paint wood fascia a different color than the rest of the house as a way to border the house and provide it with a two toned look. Whatever color you choose for your fascia boards, we can help you determine the best materials and options to complement your home.

Soffit and Fascia Installation

In addition to adding beauty and value to your home, soffits and fascia play an important role in keeping your home protected from the weather and regular wear and tear. When the soffits work with the roof, it is important that you choose a well ventilating soffit to keep constant airflow under your roof. They also play an important role in your attic ventilation system, reducing the risks of ice dams forming during the cold winter season. Soffits also allow your attic and roof to breathe during those hot summer months which keeps your home at a more constant, comfortable temperature. Making the right soffit choices can reduce your heating and cooling costs by taking advantage of the natural ventilation and sealant of your soffit.

Minnesota Soffit and Fascia Contractors

At Capstone Bros Contracting we have the experience needed in soffit and fascia installation to make sure it works properly and looks great for years to come.

If you want your soffit and fascia system to last a lifetime, it is important to make the right decision now, when determining what soffit and fascia to choose for your home. We will answer any questions or concerns you have about the process and the selection including:

  • What colors would complement your home?
  • What type of material would offer you the best ventilation and durability?
  • What options are within your budget?
  • What can you expect from installation?
  • What are the easiest to maintain options?

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We work with a number of materials including steel, aluminum, vinyl, Hardie Plank and copper, all of which come with their own pros and cons. Let us simplify the selection and find the right soffit and fascia solution for your home. Contact the team at Capstone Bros. Contracting today at 952-882-8888 and find the perfect soffit and fascia system for your home.


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