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Roof Repair Elko New Market MN | Common Causes for Roof Repairs (Part 1)

Roof Repair Elko New Market MN

Your roof is important for your home and it should be a top priority to make sure it is in good condition. There are a lot of things that can damage your roof and lead to you needing a roof repair. If you’d like to learn more about Roof Repair Elko New Market MN, then reach out to Capstone Bros. today. This blog series will go through different causes for roof repairs so you can look out for them and keep your roof in top shape. Here are the first three common causes: Common Causes for Roof Repairs

Hail Damage

Hail damage is a popular reason to repair your roof. Hail can fall in a variety of sizes, and the larger the size, the more damage it causes. When it impacts, hail can cause dents in many things, but one of the most common is the roof of homes. If there are dents on shingles from hail, this can cause the shingles to weaken. The shingles can then fall off or break and the roof is no longer protected from the elements.

Missing/Broken Shingles

Shingles on your roof can break or fall off for various reasons. The adhesive can wear off and cause the shingle to lift up which makes it susceptible to breaking or coming off completely. The purpose of shingles is so that rainwater drips down the roof without getting into the house’s structure. When the shingles are broken, the water can get between the cracks and then cause leaking in the house. Leaking into the house can then cause water damage to your home. If you have broken or missing shingles, it is important to replace them. It is possible to replace one or two shingles without replacing them all on the roof. You can replace them yourself or you can hire a local roofing contractor.

Ice Dams

Another issue that can be the reason for roof repair is ice dams. Ice dams often occur during the winter when there is a lot of snow on the roof. The snow on the roof can melt (due to it being warmer inside the house), then run down the roof until it gets to the eaves. The eaves are cooler, so the water freezes again where it can build up. This build-up is called an ice dam. Ice dams can damage gutters but also your roof. It is important to fix this type of damage. Now that it is springtime, it is an excellent time to repair the damage caused by ice dams this winter.

Your roof could need repair for a variety of reasons. Some of those causes could be due to hail damage, missing/broken shingles, or ice dams. It is essential to know what caused the damage to your roof so you know how it should be repaired. Look for part two and part three of this blog to read more causes. If you need a roofing contractor near you, contact Capstone Bros Contracting in Elko New Market, MN today. We would love to help repair your roof so it looks like new!

Roof Repair Elko New Market MN

Roof Repair Elko New Market MN

Roof Repair Elko New Market MN

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