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Roof Repairs Minnetonka Minnesota | Common Causes for Roof Repairs (Part 2)

Roof Repairs Minnetonka, Minnesota

Damage to your home can be minor or can be major. Your roof is an area that can have damage for various reasons. If you want to learn more about Roof Repairs Minnetonka Minnesota, then look no further than Capstone Bros. Part one of this blog series went through hail damage, missing/broken shingles, and ice dams. This part will go through three more causes for roof repairs:

Tree Damage

A common reason why you may need a repair on your roof is tree damage. Tree branches can fall for different reasons, such as if the tree is getting old or if the tree has damage from a storm. Fallen branches can cause damage to your roof. They can scrape the shingles of your roof and cause them to lift. Gutters on your house may get pulled down by branches which then could cause further damage. If a big enough tree falls, it can cause structural damage to your roof and your home. It is important to get these types of things fixed quickly to keep your home safe.


Another cause of roof repairs is if there is leaking. If you have noticed leaking in your home, this can be a sign that your roof needs repairing. You could have a leak in your home because there are missing shingles, or because there is storm damage on your roof. Or maybe your roof was installed incorrectly and this results in your roof not sealing as well as it should. It is important to fix a leak on your roof right away because you do not want it to cause further damage to the structure of your house.


Critters may cause damage to your roof which then calls for a repair. Bugs and animals will use any little crack they can get into. Sometimes a critter, like a squirrel or a chipmunk, may decide your roof is the perfect thing to tear up. They may smell something underneath that is interesting, or they are wanting to get into your warm house. They can be persistent, especially if you do not fix the damage. It is important to repair the damage otherwise they will keep coming back making it worse. A roof repair contractor can help repair damage from critters, so contact one today!

Your roof can be damaged, which can cause further damage. It is essential to repair your roof when there is damage. Some causes could be due to tree damage, due to leaks, or due to critters. Some damages can be fixed yourself, but some require a professional roof contractor. Contact your local roofing contractor Capstone Bros Contracting in Minnetonka, Minnesota today!

Roof Repairs Minnetonka Minnesota

Roof Repairs Minnetonka Minnesota

Roof Repairs Minnetonka Minnesota

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