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Roofer in Bloomington MN

Roofer In Bloomington MN | 3 Impacts of Storm Damage

Minnesota summers are known to be filled with rainstorms. Rain can be a great way to break the summer heat and humidity, but it can also have some negative impacts on your home. Here are three possible impacts of storm damage to your house: roofer in Bloomington MN

Window Cracks

One issue that storms can cause with your home is cracks or breaks in the windows. This can happen during any storm, as the combination of strong winds and rain can knock objects over and blow vegetation into your home, which can end up falling into your windows and cracking the glass. This is one of the reasons why your roofing contractors in Bloomington MN recommend that you stay away from your windows during a storm, as there is always a chance that your windows will crack, causing glass to fall into your home.

Gutter Damage

Another problem that can occur due to storms is damage to your gutter. One thing that the strong winds, rain, and hail that accompany storms can do is loosen and knock parts off of your roof, such as the sealant, flashing, and parts of your gutter. The gutter is crucial to proper drainage of water off of your roof after a storm, so when it is not functioning properly, it can cause water to pool on top of your roof. This pooled water can soak into your shingles and siding and cause permanent water damage, and in extreme cases the water can also leak into your home, causing internal structural damage.

Issues With Your Shingles

Lastly, shingle problems are a common occurrence after a big storm. Lots of parts of a storm can easily damage the shingles by causing cracks, holes, loosening their seal on the roof, or completely knocking them off. Any break in the shingles that causes parts of your underlying roof to be exposed leaves the roof vulnerable to other kinds of problems, including water damage, pests, collapse, and internal problems. To learn more about how to prevent and treat any storm-related problems to your home, contact the team at Capstone Bros Contracting today.

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roofer in Bloomington MN

roofer in Bloomington MN

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