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Roofers in Bloomington MN

Roofers in Bloomington MN | 6 Signs That Your Flat Roof Needs To Be Replaced

If the roof your Minnesota house is more than 20 years old, it is probably the time to replace it. If you have a flat roof, you should watch out for the following signs. After all, you can actually save a lot of money and trouble by getting a roof replacement from the best roof replacers in Bloomington MN at Capstone Bros Contracting before hand. Roofers in Bloomington MN

Your Roof Is Alligatoring

Alligatoring is a phenomenon commonly seen in flat roofs. It is a condition in which the asphalt that makes up your flat roof ages and loses its elasticity. This leads to cracks and the entire roof resembles an alligator’s skin. If yours has begun alligatoring, it needs a replacement quickly. This is because your asphalt flat roof has deteriorated past the point of no return, and will need replacement. If you don’t act promptly, you run the risk of letting the entire roof collapse. For more information, feel free to contact your local siding and roofing contractors in Bloomington MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today!

Your Roof Has Buckles

The construction of flat roofs is very similar to that of shingled ones. Both have a membrane that is soaked in asphalt; this becomes the base layer of the roof. However, unlike shingled roofs, the membrane of a flat roof is one big piece. What this implies is that whenever  your house shifts and settles over time, your roof will do the same. When your roof hasn’t been replaced in quite a while (15 years +), it can get buckled. This paves the way for the roof to completely sag. In other words, your roof has reached its end. Any building that has buckling roofs (flat or shingled) is unsafe to live under. You should move to get such a roof replaced as soon as possible.

Your Roof Has Cracks

Since flat roofs are, well, flat, they have to bear more pressure than slanted roofs for the same load. If your house a demanding design, this pressure slowly starts to build up over time. As soon as the stress from this pressure crosses a threshold limit, a flat roof develops cracks. If your flat roof has cracks too, you should most definitely call a professional for help. Not only do cracks let rain seep in to you building and affect your walls and ceilings, but they also signal that your roof is structurally compromised and that it’s time to get a new one.

That’s all for this article. To learn about 3 additional signs that indicate you need a roof replacement, hop on to this page!

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Roofers in Bloomington MN | Capstone Bros Contracting

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Roofers in Bloomington MN

Roofers in Bloomington MN

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