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Roofers in Burnsville MN | Is My Roof Failing Part 1

If the roof your Minnesota house is more than 20 years old, it is probably the time when you should replace it. A common mistake that people make is wait for their roofs to completely fail. However, if your roof shows the following signs, you can actually save a lot of money and trouble by getting a roof replacement from the best roof replacers in Burnsville MN at Capstone Bros Contracting before hand. Roofers in Burnsville MN

Your Shingles Are Missing Or Loose

When you see that your roof shingles are falling off (or are about do so), it’s time to replace it. In all likelihood, this could be caused by a storm. But if you have had clear weather and are still missing your roof shingles, you should act promptly before all of them go away and leave your house unprotected. For more information, feel free to contact your local siding and roofing contractors in Eagan MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today!

Your Shingles Have Curled, Cracked, Dried, Or Blistered

You don’t necessarily have to wait for your shingles to go missing before realizing you have a failing roof. If the ones in your roof have unnatural curls, or if they are cracked or dried, it means they are at the end of their lives. Blistered shingled call for a more thorough inspection. This is because blisters are the result of high humidity levels, which is usually the result of a poor roof ventilation system. So, you might have to go for a roof revamp instead of a simple replacement.

Your Roof Has Dark And/Or Dirty Areas

A roof usually darkens when shingle granules come off and get blown away by the wind. This is an indication that your shingles have aged and should soon be replaced. If your roof has dark patches, you have a more severe problem. Such patches point towards algae or moss growth, and, needless to say, they need to be removed as soon as possible.

Your Gutter Has Granules

This paragraph is a continuation of the point mentioned in the previous one. When shingles get old, their constituent granules get detached. Wind is not the only thing that blows these granules, there’s gravity as well. This is how these shingle granules can be found in your gutter. For more signs, don’t forget to read the Part 2 of this series!

Roofers in Burnsville MN | Our Services

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Roofers in Burnsville MN | Capstone Bros Contracting

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Roofers in Burnsville MN

Roofers in Burnsville MN

Roofers in Burnsville MN

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