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Roofers In Inver Grove Heights MN

Roofers In Inver Grove Heights MN | Important Ways To Protect Your Exterior For Winter (Part 1)

It’s critical that your exterior is sound and durable when the winter months roll around; your interior relies on the durability of your exterior. Winter can often bring subzero temperatures, heavy snow, and slick ice that could impact anyone. Making sure your home is in great condition to protect you is crucial; so it’s important that you take care of your exterior before conditions get dire. Here are 3 important ways you can protect your exterior for winter: Roofers In Inver Grove Heights MN

Preventative Maintenance

One of the main reasons some roofs last so much longer than other roofs is the amount of maintenance that goes into keeping the roof in good condition and free of damage. Preventative maintenance can be done any time of year, and there are many different forms of preventative maintenance when it comes to your home’s exterior. One of the best ways to ensure your roof is safe and sound is by getting a roof inspection to catch any preexisting damage before it worsens. Homeowners can also clear their roofs of debris like branches and leaves. If gone unremoved, standing debris will accumulate excess moisture and lead to the development of moss, fungus, mildew, and mold (which can be very harmful to your health). Removing excess amounts of snow also helps prevent water damage or even roof collapse.

Siding Replacement

Protecting your exterior is important for ensuring you live in a sturdy home. Your interior heavily relies on the soundness of your siding when it comes to keeping your home safe and energy-efficient this winter. Getting any damaged siding replaced is a necessary task, and it should be completed prior to winter and snowfall. Siding often becomes damaged due to severe weather during the warmer months. Your siding is strong, but it is still prone to damage with the impact of excessive force. Hail damage, wind damage, and other forms of damage can cause dents, cracks, holes, and even torn-off siding, all which leave your home exposed. If you have siding damage, getting siding replacement (or siding repairs) is necessary if you want to ensure your home is best protected this winter.

Prompt Storm Damage Repair

Severe weather poses a major threat during the summer months; hail damage and wind damage often make a huge impact on homes. If this damage goes unseen, and therefore unrepaired, it leads to significantly worse damage due to water entering the home and causing the destruction of your roofing and siding materials. Ensure you keep track of recent storms, assess potential damages, and get regular roof inspections to know if you need prompt storm damage repair. Damage that is left unrepaired through winter poses a major risk when the snow and ice melt, penetrating the roofing and siding. Storm damage should be repaired promptly to minimize the potential water damage that could cause major problems for your home.

If you require exterior home services to protect your home from storm damage and winter elements, contact our team at Capstone Bros Contracting. We are proud to offer free roof inspections in Inver Grove Heights. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free roof inspection or any of our other roofing or siding services.

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Roofers In Inver Grove Heights MN

Roofers In Inver Grove Heights MN

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