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Roofers Near Edina Minnesota

Roofers Near Edina Minnesota | Types Of Storm Damage That Can Impact Your Roof (Part 2)

Storm damage can cause expensive damage to your home. If you experience storm damage on your roof or other exterior areas, contact your local roofing contractor near Edina MN. Here are two more ways that storm damage can impact your home this spring and summer: Roofers Near Edina Minnesota

Hail Damage

Hail can come on suddenly and forcefully. While hail can appear anywhere in the continental United States, states in the Midwest are most heavily impacted. Hail most often occurs during the spring and summer months and can range significantly in size. Some hail pellets have little to no impact due to their small size. However, it’s generally true that the larger the hail, the faster it falls. Large hail the size of golf balls or larger can fall from the sky and cause significant damages to your roof and siding.

While hail damage is fairly common in Minnesota, it can sometimes go undetected. It’s always a good idea to get a free roof inspection to help you determine if your roof has hail damage and to what extent. Homeowners who look for damage on their roof may not always know what to look for or think the damage that has occurred is insignificant. However, even small dents can have an impact on your roof. Also, remember that damage that can occur on your siding or other areas of your exterior, and keep in mind the potential ramifications of those specific areas.

Hail damage can appear on your roof in a number of ways such as cracked and dented shingles and bent vents and pipes on your roof. Unfortunately, the damage your shingles endure isn’t the only damage that hail has on your home; hail can impact your home’s exterior and interior. If your damaged shingles go unrepaired, this will cause further damage to your roof as well as impact your interior. Damage from hail can lead to holes in your roof which can quickly cause significant water damage to your roof and ceiling. It’s important to hire a roofing contractor to determine if you have any damage to your roof so that it doesn’t harm other areas of your home.

Impact Damage

Severe weather in the Midwest causes concern for not only wind, hail, and water damage–storm damages can also occur from impact damage. Impact damage is damage to your home or property due to an object impacting your structure with force. One common cause of impact damage is from trees or branches that fall onto a roof and cause damage. This may impact the shingles, roofing underlayment, or in severe cases, a tree will crash through the roof and into the home. If you notice that you have trees around your home that are dead or diseased, or otherwise pose a risk to your home, it’s a good idea to take the tree down as a preventative measure.

Additionally, your home may incur impact damage from objects around your home such as lawn furniture or other furnishings. Keep an eye on the weather to have a good understanding of potential severe weather in the future and prepare your home by taking in any furniture. At the very least, make sure that there isn’t anything nearby that could cause window damage, such as cracking or shattering, exposing your interior to the elements.

If you’re needing a free roof inspection, repair, or replacement, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. We are your local roofing contractor with years of experience and industry knowledge and want to help keep your home safe during storm season.

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Roofers Near Edina Minnesota

Roofers Near Edina Minnesota

Roofers Near Edina Minnesota

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