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Roofing Companies Eden Prairie MN | Why Proper Roof Ventilation Is Important For Winter

Roofing Companies Eden Prairie MN

Winter is gradually approaching, which means that it’s time to start thinking about how to protect your roofing system and make sure it’s in top-working condition to shelter your home from the harsh winter elements. One aspect of your roofing system that many homeowners tend to not think about is roof ventilation. Having a properly ventilated roof not only helps to prevent roof damage in Eden Prairie MN, but it can also help extend the lifespan of your roof so that you can get more use out of it in the long-run. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should consider ventilating your roof before winter if you haven’t already: Roofing Companies Eden Prairie MN

Roofing Companies Eden Prairie MN | Prevent Moisture & Mold Issues

One reason why having a properly ventilated roof in winter is so important is because it will help to prevent moisture, condensation, and mold-related issues. When your roof and attic ventilation is poor, moisture and condensation due to snow infiltration or subzero temperatures can cause moisture or water damage to your roof,and result in mold or mildew growth, wood rot, and other issues for your roof and attic space, which can negatively impact your roofing structure and cause issues for the rest of your home. If your roof has poor ventilation or tends to be susceptible to mold or moisture-related issues, then you should have your local roofing contractors in Eden Prairie MN at Capstone Bros Contracting inspect your roof and do any necessary roof maintenance, roof repairs or a roof replacement in Eden Prairie MN.

Roofing Companies Eden Prairie MN | Prevent Ice Dams

Another reason why having good roof ventilation is so important is because it will help to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof in winter. Ice dams occur in winter is because the heat from the interior of your home rises up into your attic and through your roof, and if your roof isn’t properly insulated and ventilated, then that heat will cause condensation to form in the interior of your home and the snow on top of your roof to melt and refreeze (in the form of ice dams). If your roof tends to be vulnerable to ice dams in winter, then you should make sure your roof is properly ventilated for winter so that you don’t have to pay your local roofers in Eden Prairie MN at Capstone Bros Contracting to repair or replace your roof damage.

Roofing Companies Eden Prairie MN | Lower Your Heating Costs

Lastly, ventilating your roof can also help to lower your heating costs in winter. When your roofing system is well-ventilated and insulated, then the interior of your home is less likely to be drafty, which means that the heat in the interior of your home won’t escape as easily, so your furnace doesn’t have to work overtime to make up for the heat loss in your attic or heat escaping through your roof. What’s more, having proper airflow between the interior and exterior of your home without the use of fans will also decrease your monthly energy costs, which will save you money. For more information on what you can do to better protect your roofing system and your home in winter, feel free to ask Capstone Bros Contracting, the best roofing company in Eden Prairie MN.

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