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Causes and Prevention of Roof Damage

Roofing Companies Near Me Bloomington MN | Signs You Need a Roofing Contractor (Part 2)

If you have roof damage, it’s important to contact a roofing contractor right away. Part 1 of this blog series noted that severe weather, interior damage, and roof damage can all be key signs that indicate it’s time to call a roofing contractor. Here are 3 more indications you need a roofing company: Roofing Companies Near Me Bloomington MN

Your Gutters are Damaged

Gutter damage is a major indicator that you also have roof damage. This is especially true if your gutters appeared undisturbed recently, but a recent storm has blown through, and you now see that your gutters have been impacted. You might notice dents in your gutters, which indicates that your area has endured hail damage. It’s important to remember that your gutters won’t have been the only thing that’s damaged; your roof will almost certainly have endured hailstones that could cause major damage. Moreover, high winds can sometimes cause gutters to bend or become dislodged. Winds that travel at high speeds can do significant damage to other areas of the home too, such as causing your siding to become dislodged or completely removed from your home. If your gutters are showing signs of damage, other areas of your home probably have storm damage, too.

There’s Holes or Cracks in Your Siding

Your home’s siding is imperative for protecting your home. There are many different siding materials that are commonly used for homes in Minnesota, including vinyl siding, wood siding, metal siding, brick, stone, and stucco. Siding is designed to be durable and able to withstand the outdoor elements, however, sometimes storms bring high winds and hail that can still do quite a bit of damage to your siding. It’s a good idea for homeowners to do a walk-about around the home and assess the exterior, looking for holes or cracks in the siding. Some of the damage will be obvious, such as if you have missing siding anywhere on your exterior. Other damages will be less noticeable, such as cracks on hidden areas of your siding. Siding contractors can help you determine if you have siding damage and if you should get siding repairs or a siding replacement.

Your Roof is Warping

If your roof is warping, this indicates that you have water damage impacting your roof. A warping roof is definitely unattractive, but it also points to some major issues going on with your home. It could indicate that it was poorly installed, or that the materials used weren’t too high-quality. Water damage, often resulting from preexisting storm damage, can also cause roofing materials to warp. Regardless of the cause, a warping roof is a sign of trouble. If you see bulging, buckling, or bubbling on your roof, it’s wise to contact a roofing company right away to determine the problem and the best solution. It may be the case that you will require a roof replacement. Considering the alternatives (such as a roof collapse, mold growth, or extreme water damage), this is the best option for homeowners.

If you need roofing services, siding services, or other exterior home services, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. We offer free roof inspections in Bloomington and surrounding communities to help homeowners stay informed about their homes. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection or to connect with a roofing contractor who can make necessary roof repairs.

Roofing Companies Near Me Bloomington MN

Roofing Companies Near Me Bloomington MN

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