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Roofing Companies Near Me Farmington MN

Roofing Companies Near Me Farmington MN | Is my Roof at Risk of Collapsing This Winter?

As the winter months bring heaps of snow that accumulates upon rooftops, many homeowners are wondering if their roofs are at risk of collapsing. Ultimately, a roof collapse due to snow as the only factor is uncommon. However, excessive snow can lead to some precarious possibilities and it’s a good idea to have snow removed off your roof if it is becoming excessive. When it comes to a roof collapse during the winter months, preexisting damage is most often a factor. Here are 3 considerations homeowners should make to assess the likelihood of a roof collapse during winter: Roofing Companies Near Me Farmington MN

Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when the bottom layer of snow that’s touching your roof melts due to a discrepancy in temperature. If your attic is much warmer than the outside air, it results in snow melting and running down your roof. However, being that your eaves overhang without any interior below (thus, without any heat below), the melted snow refreezes and builds up to form an ice dam. This can cause excessive pressure on your roof and can cause roof damage. If you have icicles hanging down from your eaves, this is a good indicator that you have an ice dam impacting your roof.

Quality of the Roof

The quality of the roof matters when determining if it is safe to rely on in terms of protecting your home. A poor design and poor construction, often performed by unlicensed contractors, can lead to a roof collapse. Moreover, poor-quality materials can also put your home at risk. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to do your research when hiring a roofing contractor. A quality and licensed roofing contractor will be knowledgeable in roof installation and construction, as well as use quality materials to ensure your roof will be durable and resilient any time of year.

Roof Maintenance

Another consideration to make is the amount of roof maintenance you’ve been doing. It’s a good idea for homeowners to have regular roof inspections to determine the state of the roof and catch any potential damage before it becomes a major problem rather than a minor concern. Capstone Bros Contracting is proud to offer free roof inspections in Farmington and surrounding areas to help homeowners stay informed about the status of their roofs and determine if any roof repairs are necessary for a safe structure. If you don’t have regular roof maintenance, it’s likely you have damage you aren’t aware of that is impacting your home. Preexisting storm damage allows water (such as melted snow) to seep into your home. When this happens excessively, it can lead to the weakening of your roof materials. Ultimately, a weakened roof due to preexisting storm damage can play a major part in a roof collapse.

Some good news is that insurance will usually cover a collapsed roof. If you’re concerned that your roof is at risk of collapsing due to snow and other factors, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. Our roofing services in Farmington (and other exterior home services) can help give you peace of mind that your home is safe and sturdy throughout the year.

Roofing Companies Near Me Farmington MN

Roofing Companies Near Me Farmington MN

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