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Roofing in Prior Lake MN

Roofing Companies Near Me Rosemount MN | 3 Ways Snow can Impact Your Roof

In Minnesota, we are no strangers to snow and the impacts of winter. As snow accumulates, homeowners are often left wondering about the impacts snow can have on their homes and roof. Here are 3 ways snow can impact your roof this winter: Roofing Companies Near Me Rosemount MN

Ice Dams Forming

Ice dams form when you have snow on your roof and the outdoor air is colder than the air in your attic. This temperature discrepancy causes the snow that’s directly touching your roof to melt. The melted snow will naturally flow downwards towards the edge of your roof and refreeze at your eaves. Being that your eaves probably don’t have heat circulating below them, the water will refreeze and form an ice dam. Ice dams can lead to icicles forming, gutter damage, and roof damage. Ensure the temperature in your attic is regulated to minimize the risk of ice dams.

Preexisting Storm Damage

Storm damage can quickly impact a home. When it comes to storm damage in Rosemount, the initial impact often comes in the form of wind or hail damage. Hail can leave holes, dents, cracks, chips, or bruises on your exterior without a discernable pattern. It also causes granules to become loose and fall from your shingles, weakening them. Wind damage can occur when high winds whip around and blow around your shingles enough to cause creases or cracks in your shingles or siding, potentially dislodging them so they become completely removed from your exterior. Both hail and wind damage leave your home exposed. This can be especially problematic when water (including melted snow) seeps through these damaged areas and impacts the layers beneath your shingles or siding materials. Water damage can cause wood rot and compromise the integrity of your roof, which is especially dangerous if you have snow accumulating on your roof.

Excess Pressure

Many homeowners are concerned about their roofs after an excessive amount of snowfall. It’s generally not concerning if there’s a small amount of snowfall that has accumulated on your roof, but two or more feet of snow could be cause for concern (especially if you have preexisting storm damage). Moreover, as temperatures fluctuate, older snow will become more wet and heavy and can be compounded by fresh layers of snow. So, it’s important to remember that there are more factors to consider in addition to the amount of snow on your roof. Keep in mind that the temperature in your attic also factors into the snow on your roof. When ice dams form, this also causes a significant amount of stress to your roof. Contact your local roofing contractors to ensure your roof isn’t at risk of collapsing due to excess pressure.

If you are concerned about the impacts of snow on your roof this winter, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. We offer several roofing and siding services to help ensure your home is safe and resilient this winter. Contact us, your local roofing company in Rosemount, to schedule an appointment for your home.

Roofing Companies Near Me Rosemount MN

Roofing Companies Near Me Rosemount MN

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