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Roofing Companies Near Me St Paul MN

Roofing Companies Near Me St Paul MN | How can I Keep my Roof Free of Damage This Winter? (Part 2)

For homeowners with roof damage, the winter months can bring about concerns for the integrity of their roofs. Part 1 of this blog series mentioned that getting necessary roof repairs or a roof replacement, keeping your attic temperature regulated, and avoiding excessive pressure on your roof are all good ways to protect your roof. Here are 3 more ways you can help keep your roof free of damage this winter: Roofing Companies Near Me St Paul MN

Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams form when the outdoor air is below freezing, but the air in your attic is above freezing. This temperature discrepancy causes the snow on your roof to melt and run down your roof. The melted snow typically runs down and halts at your eaves; this is because your eaves hang over the walls of your home and don’t have an interior directly below them supplying the same heat source as your attic. Ice dams will form at your eaves from this melted snow and cause a buildup of ice. This puts excessive pressure on this area of your roof and can damage your shingles, flashing, gutters, and more. Ice dams also lead to icicles forming, which are an indicator that your home has a ventilation issue. Ensuring the temperature in your attic is the same as the outdoor temperature helps prevent ice dams and their damaging impacts.

Get Regular Roof Inspections

One of the best ways to prevent roof damage is by being proactive. Roof maintenance is important to ensure your roof is sturdy and durable throughout the year. Homeowners can do many things themselves like maintaining trees foliage around their roofs, cleaning out gutters, and regularly (and safely) removing debris from the roof. However, roofing contractors are able to perform maintenance that homeowners can’t, and one of the best ways to keep your roof maintained is through regular roof inspections performed by a licensed roofing company. Roofers can spot minor concerns and subtle damages that most homeowners can’t. Roof inspections help homeowners have the peace of mind that their roof is durable and best able to withstand the elements. Even better, Capstone Bros Contracting offers free roof inspections in St Paul, so you can have the assurance you’re caring for your exterior without a costly price tag.

Contact a Local Roofing Contractor

When it comes down to it, the best way to prevent roof damage is by contacting professionals. Local roofing contractors are trained and knowledgeable to spot roof damage that’s regionally common; in the upper Midwest, we get a lot of storm damage that impacts homes in the form of hail damage, wind damage, and resulting water damage. Some of this damage is obvious, some hard to spot. Regardless, roofing contractors know what to look for to spot damage, determine the cause of the damage, and recommend the best route of repairs. Roofing contractors can tell you if you have preexisting storm damage impacting your home and/or if your roof is at risk of collapsing. If you have any doubts about the durability of your roof or exterior, contact the pros.

If you have concerns about your roof, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. We’re happy to offer free roof inspections as well as other exterior home services so you can have peace of mind that your home is safe and resilient this winter. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a roofing contractor in St Paul.

Roofing Companies Near Me St Paul MN

Roofing Companies Near Me St Paul MN

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