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Roofing Company Near Shakopee MN | 7 Different Types of Roofs

Roofing Company Near Shakopee MN

Roofs are crucial elements of any home. They protect the interiors and keep them safe from the elements. They also add beauty to your home by providing additional architectural features. There are many different types of roofs available in the market today and each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, depending upon your needs and budget considerations. In this article, we will take a look at some common roof types that you may want to consider for your next home improvement project: Roofing Company Near Shakopee MN


A gable is a triangular part of a wall that extends from the roof peak to the upper wall. It is typically found in buildings with two or more stories and provides additional space for windows and decorations. It can also increase attic storage space. There are several styles: Dutch Gable, Half-Hipped Gable Roofs, and Cross or Cottage Gables.


A shed roof is a low-pitched roof that has a gentle slope. Shed roofs are common on farmhouses, and often have dormers to allow light into the attic. They can be wood or metal and they usually last longer because they’re protected from rain by overhanging eaves, but they should be maintained regularly to prevent rot.


Hipped roofs have four sides that meet at the top. They can be flat or sloped and are often used on houses, but can also be used on larger buildings like churches or schools. The most common material for a hipped roof is shingles or tiles because they’re easy to install and relatively affordable.


A gambrel roof is one the most common and popular of all roof types. It has two slopes on each side, one that is usually steeper than the other. The lower slope is typically longer and wider than the upper slope. This type of roof is known for its steep pitch, creating a triangular shape when viewed from above.


The most common type of roof is the flat roof. It is a flat surface that covers your home’s walls and easily sheds water. Flat roofs are easy to build but are not suitable for all climates. In areas where it snows heavily or rains consistently throughout the year, a flat roof will leak more often than other roof types because there isn’t anything keeping rain from seeping through cracks in its surface.


The dome is a type of roof that resembles a hemisphere. It can be single- or double-curved, depending on the shape of the dome itself. A dome roof may also be hipped, gabled, and hip.

Pyramid Hip

A pyramid hip is a type of hip roof with a triangular shape, four sloping sides, and four corners. Pyramid terraces and pyramidal roofs are variations of this style as well.

Before you decide which type of roof is right for you and your home, you should have a clear understanding of the different types out there. From tile roofs to metal roofs and beyond, many options can help protect your home from the elements while complementing its design style. For more information, contact us at Capstone Bros. Contracting in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Roofing Company Near Shakopee MN

Roofing Company Near Shakopee MN

Roofing Company Near Shakopee MN

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