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Roofing Contractor Burnsville Minnesota | Storm Damage Checklist (Part 2)

Are you prepared for the next severe storm? Homeowners have several things to consider to ensure their home remains safe through times of severe weather. Part 1 of this blog series noted that you should take part in preventative maintenance and know the different types of storm damage that may impact your home. Here are two more critical parts of the Storm Damage Checklist: Roofing Contractor Burnsville Minnesota

3. Prepare For Severe Weather

Usually, severe weather is predicted hours or days in advance, therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the local weather and radar. Homeowners oftentimes have elements of their exteriors that should be tended to before severe weather hits. It’s especially important to ensure there aren’t potentially hazardous objects in close proximity to your siding or windows.

Remember to secure your lawn furniture or store it in a safe space such as a garage, shed, or even in your home. High winds can blow lawn furniture around and cause major impact damage to your home, potentially leaving large dents or even holes in your siding. Your windows are particularly fragile; if you have shutters on your home, shut and secure them before a storm hits to prevent window damage such as cracking or shattering. Contact your local window replacement company if you experience window damage near Burnsville.

Many homeowners want to save their plants and foliage from damage, so storing them in an area that isn’t exposed to the elements is a good option. Other times, covering plants with items such as overturned planters, blankets, or tarps can help reduce the damage they receive during the storm. Remember to weigh down any light coverings with heavy objects such as bricks or cement blocks so they don’t blow away.

During severe weather, ensure you and your family stay away from windows and take appropriate shelter in a designated area of your home. Keep a radio, cellphone, flashlight, first aid kit, and power source with you in case of emergency. Contact your local roofing company today for a free roof inspection to help ensure you’re prepared for severe weather.

4. Assess Your Property

After the storm hits, it’s time to assess the damages. Always remember safety first. The homeowner should ensure it’s safe to go outside and look around the property. It’s a good idea to wear a long shirt, pants, and sturdy footwear. Look for tree limbs or debris that may have fallen onto or near your home. Walk around the perimeter of your home and property and take note of anything that’s out of place or any new damages such as dents from hail damage or other debris, loose or missing shingles or siding, or warping areas that may indicate water damage. Check your roof (you can walk around the home with binoculars), gutters, vents, windows, siding, and any other exterior areas. You’ll also want to check your attic and ceilings for water damage and be mindful of any changes in your home in the near future.

You should alert the authorities if you notice any down power lines or severe damage to surrounding areas. Storm damage near Burnsville MN takes many forms, and can often go unnoticed. In addition to assessing your damages, contact your local roofing company to determine what types of repair should be done to keep your home safe.

Be sure you’re prepared for the next storm by following the Storm Damage Checklist. Make sure you check out Part 1 & Part 3 of this checklist to follow the step-by-step list to keep your home safe. Capstone Bros Contracting offers roofing and siding services to help ensure your home remains safe during times of severe weather. Contact us today for any of our exterior home services.

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Roofing Contractor Burnsville Minnesota

Roofing Contractor Burnsville Minnesota

Roofing Contractor Burnsville Minnesota

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