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Roofing Contractor Minneapolis MN

Roofing Contractor Minneapolis MN | How To Tell If You Have Storm Damage (Part 2)

Storm damage can impact your home in a number of ways. If you’re concerned your home has incurred storm damage, contact your local roofing company for a free inspection and to repair any damages. In the first part of this blog series, we noted that damage to your shingles, your windows & casings, and siding are all indicators of storm damage. Here are 4 more things to look for if you suspect you have storm damage: Roofing Contractor Minneapolis MN

Debris On Your Roof

Without actually having to step foot on your roof, there are a number of indicators you can still look for when you’re trying to determine if you have roof damage. One thing to look for is if you have things like branches, leaves, dirt, or other debris on your roof. A lot of debris can indicate that your roof has incurred damage either from wind, water, or hail, or from the actual debris hitting your roof. Doing a walk around your home’s perimeter can give you partial indication of the damage on your roof, however, contacting your local roofing contractor is always a good option. Your roofing contractor will offer a free inspection and has extensive knowledge that can help determine the types of damages and severity of those damages.

Water Damage To Your Interior

There are a number of places you might find water damage in your home. However, if you’re noticing water damage in your attic, on your walls, near your doors or windows, near your chimney, or anywhere bordering your exterior, this could be an indication you have water damage that is coming from the outside and impacting your home’s interior. Building materials do not mix well with water and can result in the materials degrading, rotting or forming mold. Contact your local roofing company to determine if you have any exterior damages that are impacting your home.

Damage To Your Gutters

Dents and dings will often show up on your gutters after a hailstorm. Also be mindful of any debris that has accumulated in your gutters, which can cause clogs and restrict sufficient water flow. If you notice damage to your gutters or downspouts, this can impact your drainage system. It’s a good idea to have your gutters inspected for leaking seams, excessive bending and sagging, as well as sections of the gutters or downspouts that are completely missing. It’s important for your gutters to be functioning so they can help prevent water from pooling next to your home, which can cause leakage to your interior, or impact the ground around your home’s foundation.

Damage To Other Exterior Features

Aside from your roof and siding, other parts of your exterior can incur problematic damages. Areas to check are your chimney, mailbox, driveway, exterior doors and garage doors, outdoor lights, air conditioner, ventilation areas, sheds, fencing, deck, furniture, and even your driveway. Damage to visible areas of your home can indicate damage to areas that you aren’t able to see as easily or in places where you don’t have easy access. Doing a thorough inspection of your home shortly after a large storm can help you find storm damage and prevent it from worsening. The longer damages go without repaired, the more damage can spread and the greater the expenses will be.

Contact Capstone Bros Contracting, your local roofing repair company in Minneapolis MN, for a free inspection or to repair storm damages.

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Roofing Contractor Minneapolis MN

Roofing Contractor Minneapolis MN

Roofing Contractor Minneapolis MN

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