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Roofing Contractors Minneapolis Minnesota

Roofing Contractor Near Eagan MN | 4 Signs Your Roof Is Damaged

Is there damage to your roof? Maybe not, but how can you be certain? Did you inspect your roof any signs of damage? Do you know how to verify yourself, or what signals are you looking for? Roof damages are very hazardous, and this is why we don’t want anybody to get injured. We know all about roofs, roof damage, and roof repair, and in order to keep you safe, we’re going to pass on this information to you. So here are the 4 most common signs of roof damage. Roofing Contractor Near Eagan MN

Sunlight Comes Through

A dead giveaway that the roof is damaged is the presence of gaps that are wide enough to let the sunlight in. Usually, this is the most conspicuous sign. But sometimes it’s ignored, especially in attics and other rooms that aren’t often used. Check for holes that leave room after room in the sunlight. Turn all the lights off, lock the door and the blinds. Make the interior of the room as dark as you can. You’ve got holes in your roof if you can see the sky or even tiny glimmers of light. For more information, feel free to contact your local siding and roofing contractors in Eagan MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today!

Water Seeps In

Another common indication of a roof that needs repair is water leakage. Do not hesitate to have it fixed if you are aware of leaks in your roof. Even a slight leak makes moisture between the cracks, which extends through the roofing material as far as it can. Then, with temperature changes, this moisture expands and contracts, expanding the space in your roof. This degradation spreads rapidly, undermining your roof ‘s integrity. The longer you wait, the more risky it becomes and the more costly it is to repair it.

Misplaced Moisture

Leaks aren’t the easiest to detect. However, the even the tiniest ones pose significant threat to the integrity of the roof of your Minnesota home. These leaks can be devastating to any insulation your house is equipped with. And wherever this moisture ends up, mold and mildew become prime breeding grounds. This will rot the very wood that makes up your home. So, searching for puddles or other damp areas where moisture has accumulated, during and after a rainstorm, is a must. Blistering and peeling paint are yet another sign, and so are mold or mildew.

Old Age

A new roof lasts just 20 years or so. If it’s older than yours, have it fixed. If you’re unsure of the age of your roof, check the roofs of your neighbors. Buildings in a neighborhood are usually constructed around the same time. If all of them are new and yours is not, it usually means that your roof is overdue for replacement. For any help, feel free to reach out to your local roofers in Eagan MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today!

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Roofing Contractor Near Eagan MN

Roofing Contractor Near Eagan MN

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