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Roofing Contractor Plymouth Minnesota

Roofing Contractors Apple Valley Minnesota | 3 Types of Storm Damage on Roofs

Roofing Contractors Apple Valley Minnesota | 3 Types of Storm Damage on Roofs

Roofing Contractors Apple Valley Minnesota

Summer storms can come and go so quickly, but with them can come a lot of damage to your property. Sometimes a storm can leave a massive amount of damage to a neighborhood or house when there are falling trees or large hail, but there can also be a small amount of damage as well. Either way, there are 3 general ways your roof can get battered by a storm. Here are the 3 types of storm damage on roofsRoofing Contractors Apple Valley Minnesota

Roofing Contractors Apple Valley Minnesota | Hail

While hail damage is one of the less common types of roof damage, it can still happen to a Minnesotan home. Most of the time, hail is the size of marbles, if not smaller. However, every once in a while there are storms that produce golfball or even softball size hail. These large sizes are big enough to leave dents in your car, but also do a significant amount of damage to your roof, specifically your shingles. Shingles have small granules that act as a defense in keeping water out of your home, so if your roof is being pelted with hail, these granules, as well as half or whole shingles, can come loose. Call Capstone Bros Contracting today to talk about repairing hail damage to your roof. Our local roofers in Apple Valley Minnesota can assess the damage and figure out the best way to repair your roof.

Roofing Contractors Apple Valley Minnesota | Water

Water damage is one of the most common ways that roof damage occurs to your house. This is because there are so many ways and different locations where water damage can happen or where your house can spring a leak. You can easily identify water damage when you can see holes in your roof or ceiling, big or small, or when there are dark spots on your ceiling, siding, or walls. You can also tell if you have water damage when you are noticing mold growth in your attic, ceiling, walls, and other places. Give your local roofing company in Apple Valley Minnesota a call today to talk about repairing your roof. Capstone Bros Contracting can help identify the source of the water damage and repair the damage.

Roofing Contractors Apple Valley Minnesota | Wind

Summer storms can bring intense winds with them, and those high wind speeds can easily do damage to your roof. Generally, high winds rip off shingles and gutters, but if the winds are really severe, then you might even see places where the wind was ripping at the corners of your house. Wind can also cause branches and trees to land on your house which can do minimal to severe damage, like puncture holes or knock shingles loose. Having missing or damaged shingles should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid a leak or other roof issues, so call your local shingle repair company in Apple Valley Minnesota. Capstone Bros Contracting are professionals with a knack for fixing roofs and can get your house back to normal as soon as possible.

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