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Roofing Contractors Edina MN | Causes And Reasons Why You Should Get A New Roof Installation

Roofing Contractors Edina MN

Causes for the installation of new roof

In certain circumstances, the need for new roofing is more clear than in others, but the selection is always crucial. Roof installation or replacement is a large expenditure that has a substantial impact on your home’s appearance, value, and functionality. Are you looking for Roofing Contractors Edina MN? Then look no further than Capstone Bros.

In Minnesota, Capstone specializes in the roof replacement as well as new roof installation. There are numerous reasons to replace a roof, which is why our skilled roofers will check your home’s roof and advise you on whether or not a new roof is required and worthwhile

If you rent out your home, want to sell it, or have a roof that is more than 20 years old, Capstone recommends having it inspected to assess any damage and determine whether it can be fixed or if it’s time for a new roof.

It is critical to replace your roof at the appropriate time. Waiting too long to replace your roof or build a new roof before it’s necessary could cost you a lot of money. Our roof inspection will help you decide if you need a new roof or if repairs and maintenance are sufficient.

Causes to replace the roof

  • Shingles that are missing, fractured, or torn
  • Shingles with edges that have cupped or curled
  • On large swaths of roofing, there is a lot of mold or moss growing
  • Shingles that have lost their granules and are “bald”
  • There are many leaks in the roof
  • Roof sheathing that has rotted

Unless there are apparent symptoms that your roof needs to be replaced, such as water entering your home, you may be unsure if roof replacement is the best option. Aside from a leaking roof, there are several other reasons to consider roof replacement.

Here are four compelling reasons to replace your home’s roof:

Fixing storm and hail destruction

Storms can cause roof damage in a variety of ways. Hailstones can cause shingles to crack, bruise, and lose granules, causing them to fail prematurely. Roof shingles can be blown off by strong winds. Wind often causes tree branches or entire trees to fall on the roof, causing damage to the roof structure as well as the roof shingles. It’s often better to replace the roof rather than perform spot repairs after a storm.

Renewing the shabby roof

Roof shingles made of asphalt typically last 15 to 25 years. Storm damage, low slope, ice damming, and mold or moss growth, among other things, can severely reduce the life of any asphalt roof. It’s a good idea to replace your roof if it exhibits any of the features listed in the “signs of worn roofing” sidebar. Otherwise, you risk even more serious issues such as rotten roof framework and leaks, which can cause serious damage to the house and its contents.

Putting the finishing touches on a huge renovation

Do you intend to construct an addition? Consider adding some dormers or skylights to your home. Changes to your roofline and the installation of new roofs are part of these big remodeling tasks. Rather than having an unsightly mix of new and old roofing, many homeowners choose a complete roof replacement as part of the project.

Growing the price of your house

Even if your asphalt shingle roof isn’t worn or damaged, it’s a good idea to repair it to improve curb appeal and property value. Some homeowners elect to replace their roofing as part of their home’s preparation for sale. New roofing, whether combined with new exterior siding or a fresh coat of paint, can make an older home look brand new. A new roof provides a prospective home buyer with a great degree of financial security, in addition to its aesthetic value. For a long period, the new owner will not have to worry about roof repair or frequent roofing issues.

To learn more about our roofing, siding, window, or storm damage services, don’t hesitate to contact your local roofing contractors in Edina MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today.

Roofing Contractors Edina MN

Roofing Contractors Edina MN

Roofing Contractors Edina MN

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