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Roofing Contractors Near Eden Prairie

Roofing Contractors in Bloomington Minnesota | Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota, which means that it’s time to start thinking about doing some house maintenance work in order to ensure that your home is, and will continue to be, well-maintained and protected this upcoming summer. One important spring maintenance project that often gets forgotten about is roof maintenance. While many homeowners often think to do lawn maintenance in spring, some are unaware of how vital it is to do spring roof maintenance for your home as well. Here are some spring roof maintenance tips to do this spring: Roofing Contractors in Bloomington Minnesota

Clean Your Gutters

One of the best ways to maintain your roof so that it can function effectively and last a long time is simply by cleaning your gutters. Due to the cold weather and strong winds in Minnesota, debris such as leaves, twigs, sticks, and even branches have a habit of falling and collecting on our roofs, which can trap moisture underneath them, potentially causing mold or algae growth as a result, as well as clogging up your gutters. If your gutters and downspout become clogged with debris, your roof could potentially flood because there won’t be any place for the water to drain properly on days when it rains. This could result in major moisture and water damage, and even potentially roof leaks, as a result.

Check Your Roof For Damage & Mold/Algae

Another great and simple roof maintenance tip is to simply check your roof every spring for any signs of damage or mold/algae growth. Since your roof is your house’s first line of defense, it has a tendency to incur a fair amount of wear and tear over time, and that includes damage to your shingles, chimney, or gradual erosion of granules and/or moisture and mold-related issues. If your roof is looking worn or battered, or has some discoloration or visible mold/algae growth on it, then you should have Capstone Bros Contracting, the best roofing company in Bloomington MN, do some roof repairs or a roof replacement for your home.

Schedule A Roof Inspection

Lastly, it’s generally recommended that you get your roof inspected every spring in order to ensure that your roof is in proper working condition after the harsh and long winter. Winter weather in Minnesota has a tendency to weather and wear down your roof with ice dams, heavy snowfall, subzero temperatures, and more. And, unfortunately, spring and summer in Minnesota don’t offer your roof any relief either, seeing as hailstorms, thunderstorms, windstorms, and even tornadoes are quite prevalent. To ensure that your roof doesn’t have any issues or hasn’t experienced any damage or wear and tear, and continues to not incur any damage in the future, you should schedule a time for your local Bloomington MN roofers at Capstone Bros Contracting to do a professional roof inspection for your home this spring.

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Roofing Contractors in Bloomington Minnesota

Roofing Contractors in Bloomington Minnesota

Roofing Contractors in Bloomington Minnesota

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