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Roofing in Eden Prairie MN

Roofing in Eden Prairie MN | How do I fix my Roof after Tree Damage?

How do I fix my Roof after Tree Damage?

If you’ve experienced a tree falling on your home then you know it’s not something anyone plans for. You did not expect it, so how can you plan to fix the damage? You may have heard conflicting advice from friends, family and or insurance adjusters about what is best to do. It may be confusing but there are ways to deal with the risk and make your home safer. Keep in mind the goal here is not just to get rid of those pesky leaves that fall off into your yard but to make your home safer for everyone, including pets and children. If you’d like to learn more about Roofing in Eden Prairie MN, then reach out to Capstone Bros. today.

Things to do before a storm

The best kind of care is always preventative. So, if you aren’t currently experiencing tree damage, how do you stop it from happening? If you have a tall tree on your property, make sure that it is pruned every three to five years. This will help prevent it from becoming too dense, which could cause damage if a storm occurs. You may also want to consider removing any dead limbs from your trees. These can be very dangerous during storms and should be removed as soon as possible. If you have any loose branches, it’s a good idea to secure them with rope or twine. If the branch is large enough, you can also wrap it in burlap and staple it down.

How to inspect your roof after a storm

When you walk outside after a storm, you may notice that your roof is leaking. If you notice any loose or missing pieces, this can be a sign of damage from wind or hail. Also look for any cracks in your shingles and repair them immediately. These can be a signs that there is damage to the shingles or flashing that needs to be repaired. If you see any issues with your roof, it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible.

Common types of roof damage caused by trees

If the wind is strong enough, it can also cause trees to fall on your home. This can break shingles and blow them off of your roof, causing water damage inside. It’s important to check for these signs as well when inspecting after a storm. If you see shingles or any other type of debris on your roof, it could mean that you have a tree problem. This can cause leaks and damage to your home. Missing tiles, holes, or damaged support structures are all signs of tree damage.

Damaged shingles and tiles

If these are missing, it could mean that you have a leak. This can cause water damage in your home and lead to mold growth. To check for these, look under the tiles and along the support bar. If you see water damage or mold growing on your roof, you should have a leak somewhere in your home. Your best bet is to call a professional roofer who can inspect and fix any problems with your roof.

Cracked flashing Roofing in Eden Prairie MN

The flashing is a part of your roof that is designed to protect the rest of your home from water damage. If a tree has cracked or damaged it, you may have a leak that needs to be repaired immediately. If you’d like to learn more about Roofing in Eden Prairie MN, then reach out to Capstone Bros. today.

Clogged gutters and downspouts

One issue that’s often overlooked when it comes to tree damage is clogged gutters. When trees fall, so do their leaves and branches. These can build up in a homes gutters and downspouts, but may not get the same attention that holes or leaks do. However, clogged gutters shouldn’t be ignored. These can cause damage to your roof and can also lead to water damage in your home. If you notice that your gutters have become clogged, it’s important to clear them out as soon as possible. A professional can help with this issue, but if you’re looking for a do-it-yourself option, try using a rake or leaf blower to remove debris from the gutters and downspouts.

Leaks in the attic

Leaks are another common problem homeowners face. The attic is a place where many people don’t go very often, so they may not realize when there’s a leak until it becomes severe enough to cause damage or mold growth. If you notice water on your ceilings or walls after it rains, this could be an indication that there’s a leak in your roof.

There are a few different ways to fix your roof after tree damage. Regardless of which method you choose, however, properly inspecting the damage is an important first step. Only by determining the extent of the damage is it possible to decide how best to proceed.

Unfortunately, tree damage is something most homeowners will have to deal with at least once in their lives. If you do come across trees that are leaning towards your home, take action quickly to avoid expensive repairs. And if you have any questions about the safety of your roof, call us today for a free inspection! At Capstone Bros., we’d be happy to keep your home safe with our Roofing, Siding, Windows, and Storm Damage services.

Roofing in Eden Prairie MN

Roofing in Eden Prairie MN

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