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Roofer in Bloomington MN

Roofing Near Edina MN | 3 Signs You Need a New Roof

One thing you probably take for granted in your home is a sturdy roof that helps to insulate your home, repel water, and provide necessary structure to the home. However, when problems arise with your roof, they are not always easy to spot. Lots of people do not regularly check the exterior of their roof for signs of damage. This is why many people do not know when it’s time for a new roof. Here are three signs that you need to update your roof this year: roofing near Edina MN

The Age of the Roof

The age of your roof can be a large factor in determining when it is time for a roof replacement in Edina MN. Some roofs are made out of materials that are designed to last a bit longer than others. For example, an asphalt shingle roof can last 25 years or slightly longer, whereas a roof installed over an existing layer of shingles should definitely be replaced by about 20 years after its installation. If you have an older roof, it is more likely to have problems behind the scenes with pests, mold, and other kinds of damage. While these problems might not appear to be serious, they can end up leading to larger problems down the line if they are left untreated. With an older roof, repairs also will not last as long, which could make repairs not as much of a worthwhile investment.

Cracks or Holes in the Attic

One of the most common problems that can arise with your roof is cracks or holes that let moisture into your home. Instead of inspecting the exterior of your roof for signs of holes, you might find that your roofing company in Edina MN will check out the inside of your home first. By looking up through the top of the attic, any spots that allow light to shine into your home are also likely allowing water in. You can also check out your attic for signs of cracks and holes, and at the first sign of any problems you should think about contacting your team of roofing contractors to schedule a consultation. When moisture leaks into your home it can lead to pretty serious problems that may require you to completely replace your roof.

Water Damage Progresses to Rot

Both the interior and exterior of your roof can suffer from problems related to water damage. If the drainage system from your roof doesn’t work properly, standing water can damage the shingles and eventually cause your roof to warp and bend, eventually sagging inwards from the rot. Water leaking inside your home can additionally cause your ceilings and walls to rot. If there is water damage inside your home, you might notice discoloration, peeling paint, a slight warping of the walls or ceiling, or mold formation. These are all sure signs that you should contact your roofing contractors for help, and may indicate that it is time to replace your roof, depending on the severity of the problem, your budget, and the age of your roof. To learn more about problems that may require a roof replacement, contact the team at Capstone Bros Contracting today.

Roofing Near Edina MN | Our Services

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roofing near Edina MN

roofing near Edina MN

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