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Causes and Prevention of Roof Damage

Siding Company in Prior Lake MN | Impacts of Spring Storm Damage (Part 1)

Even though the warmer spring temperatures offer some respite from the cold Minnesota winter, spring comes with other kinds of worries. For one, we’re trading in snow storms for rain and wind-storms, and this kind of weather can have negative impacts on the exterior of your home – including on your roof. And, roof maintenance can be a bit expensive and time consuming. Here are some of the impacts of spring storm damage on your roof: siding company in Prior Lake MN

Broken or Cracked Shingles

In the midwest, spring weather means preparing for tornado season. And, if we’re lucky enough to not see any tornados during spring/early summer this year, we can count on seeing other types of windstorms. Strong winds can be quite dangerous, particularly for homes that are slightly less structurally sound. These winds are also a common reason why people notice structural damage to the exterior of their home, including to the roof and siding. On the roof, wind can blow off any loose parts – as well as causing existing shingles to break or crack.

Water Damage

After any sort of wind or rain storm, it might be worth either inspecting your roof yourself, or contacting your roofing company in Prior Lake MN to take a look. Windstorms can cause damage to your shingles, and when this windstorm turns into a rainstorm, it can cause water damage and other problems that are more difficult to repair. As long as your roofing contractors can check out this damage while it’s external, you can prevent larger, more structural issues from arising as the issues progress to impact the inside of your home.

Weakening or Sagging

Even if wind or rain doesn’t crack or break the roofing or siding on your home, it can still cause other kinds of damage. Strong rain can leak into any holes or cracks in your roof or siding and soak inside, which can cause weakening or sagging of your shingles or siding. Even if this problem doesn’t present itself immediately, when the exterior of your home is water-damaged or weakened, it can lead to all sorts of internal or more severe structural damage to your home later on down the line. To learn more about how to check for weakened or sagging siding or roofing, contact the team at Capstone Bros Contracting today. For more impacts of spring storm damage, check out part 2 of our spring storm damage blog.

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Capstone Bros Contracting siding company in Prior Lake MN

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siding company in Prior Lake MN

siding company in Prior Lake MN

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