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Siding Contractor Eden Prairie MN | Tips To Prevent Water Damage And Flooding (Part 1)

If you have had water damage in the past, you are well aware that it’s a major burden. Storm damage can often cause damage to your home that makes water damage more likely. Water damage can be dangerous to the structures it impacts, not to mention can bring about a number of health concerns because it can develop mold. However, water damage can often be prevented if you properly maintain your home. Here are 3 tips to help you prevent water damage: Siding Contractor Eden Prairie MN

Mindful Landscaping

Many homeowners take pride in keeping their landscaping looking gorgeous. There is so much potential! People often enjoy strategically planting flowers and foliage that helps accentuate the beauty of the home. However, overgrown and unmaintained landscaping poses risks greater than looking unkempt. High winds can blow brush into your siding, potentially causing impact damage to your siding. This can cause weakened and damaged siding, which makes it more likely for water to enter those weakened areas of your home.

In addition, overgrown shrubs or trees can form overgrown and invasive roots, causing plumbing issues. Homeowners should maintain their landscaping to reduce the risk of water damage. Additionally, you can get creative with your landscaping and create a drainage system that flows away from your home, reducing the risk of water pooling up against the side of your home and causing damage to your siding. Contact a siding repair contractor if you notice your siding has damage.

Cover Your Window Wells

There are a few benefits that come with installing a window well cover. One of the primary benefits of a window well cover is that it helps keep rain and snow out of your window well. This reduces the amount of moisture that accumulates and remains in your window well, which is the perfect place for fungus to sprout up, and for mold and mildew to form (not to mention the animals and creepy crawlies that will start to call your window well their home).

During and after heavy rains, window wells that aren’t covered up can pool and even leak into your home. That dirty water will start to warp your interior. Call us for a window repair or window replacement to help ensure your windows aren’t susceptible to leaking.

Get A Roof Inspection

One of the best things you can do for your roof is to get a roof inspection. Damage can be difficult to see from the ground, and oftentimes homeowners aren’t sure of what damage to the roof and shingles look like anyway. Roofing contractors are trained to know what to look for to determine what types of damages are present (such as hail, wind, impact, or water damage), where they are, and how often they are occurring. Sometimes, the damage is sporadic and insignificant. However, after a big storm, damages can appear frequently, which puts your home at risk for further damage.

When your shingles have damage, water has those easy access points in the weakened areas of the roof. Water can quickly seep into your home and impact a number of areas beyond your roof and ceiling. Get in touch with Capstone Bros Contracting to get a free roof inspection to help repair current damages and minimize any future damages.

There are several ways to help prevent water damage in your home, including covering your window well, mindful landscaping, and hiring your local roofing contractor near Eden Prairi to perform a free roof inspection. Contact Capstone Bros Contracting today to get started!

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Siding Contractor Eden Prairie MN

Siding Contractor Eden Prairie MN

Siding Contractor Eden Prairie MN

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