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Siding Contractor Edina MN

Siding Contractor Edina MN | How Winter Elements Can Impact Your Exterior (Part 1)

Winter and the harsh elements can severely impact your home if you don’t take the proper precautions. Getting siding repairs and other exterior home services to maintain your exterior will help prevent your home from worsened damages. Here are 3 ways winter can negatively impact your home this winter: Siding Contractor Edina MN

Rotting Materials

Your exterior is designed to protect your home against the elements, regardless of the season. It should be sturdy, reliable, resilient, and durable. However, snow can cause significant damage. Melting snow can leak through preexisting points of damage and cause damage to various parts of your home, both exterior and interior. When temperatures rise and drop, this causes the water to warp and eventually rot the materials such as wood siding or the layers underneath your siding materials. Get storm damage repairs right after your home has been impacted before they turn into more extensive and expensive damage down the road, which can be especially prevalent during the winter months.

Heavy Snow on Branches

One negative effect winter can have on homes may not even start with your home itself. If you have large trees or branches hanging over your roof, this could be dangerous when there is heavy, wet snowfall. Old, damaged, and decaying trees are especially susceptible to breakage. When snow falls and accumulates on these branches, they can eventually snap and land on your roof, causing major impact damage. If you have overhanging branches, you could be subject to roof damage this winter. Consider also that high winds can whip around trees, shrubs, and debris, causing impact damage to your siding and windows. Maintaining your trees and foliage is a good way to prevent the need for roof repairs, siding repairs, and window repairs due to impact damage.

Window Cracking

We are no strangers to frigid and extreme temperatures in Minnesota. Unfortunately, this leaves homes vulnerable to damage in several ways, some unexpected. Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause your windows to crack; generally as thermal stress cracks or pressure cracks. Keep a close eye on all of your windows, top to bottom, to watch for cracks in your windows. Low-quality windows or old windows are especially susceptible to cracking, and it can be beneficial to get window installation services to ensure your windows are high-quality and less likely to become subject to damage from winter weather.

Also, keep in mind that temperature fluctuations can cause caulk to crack and pull away from the windows. This allows heat to escape from your home as well as allows cold air into your home. Assess your windows to determine if they’re drafty and could benefit from caulk reapplication. Your local window contractor can help you determine if you need new windows to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

Capstone Bros Contracting offers exterior home services that will protect your home inside and out this winter. If you notice rotting of materials on your home’s exterior or interior, if you have roof damage, or if you have window damage, contact your local siding companyContact us today to schedule an appointment with a siding contractor in Edina.

Siding Contractor Edina MN

Siding Contractor Edina MN

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