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Siding Contractor in Bloomington Minnesota | Types of Siding (Part 2)

Siding Contractor in Bloomington Minnesota

It is imperative to know the difference between the different types of siding for your home or commercial building. Part one of this blog series went through vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and wood siding. This blog will describe three more types of common siding: Siding Contractor in Bloomington Minnesota 


Brick is a classic siding material for homes. This material is durable since it is fire resistant, as well as rot and insect damage resistant. There are a variety of appearances for the brick siding. Brick can be used as is, so the raw face of the brick is exposed, or it can be painted. Raw brick has many choices of color and shape. Brick can be styled into many different designs when most other siding is often just horizontal or vertical lines. Bricks can be a challenge when installing because it is important to make sure the structure of the foundation will support the weight of the bricks since it is a heavy material.


Metal siding is an excellent choice of siding. It is becoming more popular for homes and buildings. Metal siding is extremely durable and more winter weather resistant than other choices of siding. Other types of siding may crack or decay from natural elements, but these things will not be an issue with metal siding. However, metal siding can dent if it receives a hard impact from something. Some types of metal siding do not hold paint as well, so they would require maintenance with the need to refresh the paint often.


One more type of common siding used in Minnesota is composite siding. Composite siding is similar to fiber cement but still has its disadvantages. This is another material that can look like wood but does not have the risks of wood siding. Wood can be susceptible to damage and decay over the years, especially due to bugs and rotting, but composite siding will not rot or attract bugs the same way. This siding type is durable and does well in the cold temperatures of Minnesota. There is a variety of selections of composite siding colors and textures, so you can choose a style that goes well with your home.

When looking for the right siding, it is good to know about your options so you can make an educated decision. Common types of siding include vinyl, fiber cement, wood, brick, metal, and composite. Capstone Bros Contracting in Bloomington can help answer any additional questions you have about what siding is right for you. Contact us today!

Siding Contractor in Bloomington Minnesota

Siding Contractor in Bloomington Minnesota

Siding Contractor in Bloomington Minnesota

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