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Siding Contractor in Bloomington MN

Siding Contractor in Bloomington MN | 3 Common Siding Problems

Homes in Minnesota are exposed to all of the elements. This comes with challenges of properly maintaining the exterior of your home, including the roof and siding. There are several signs that there is a problem with the siding of your home. Here are three common siding problems you might see: siding contractor in Bloomington MN

Peeling Paint

One thing you might notice on the exterior of your home, particularly as your home gets a bit older, is peeling or chipping paint on the siding. While this may appear after an extreme weather event and can be the sign of natural wear-and-tear on your home, it can also be the sign of a larger problem with moisture in the siding. Moisture affects mostly wooden siding panels, and holding moisture means that paint is not able to stick as well to the panel. You can also tell that moisture might be a problem in your siding when you often need to hire your siding company in Bloomington MN to repaint your siding. When your paint is not sticking properly, there may be an underlying issue.


Particularly if you installed siding a number of years ago and have an older home, your siding might need to be updated. Older siding does not have the same protections as new styles that are coming out today. One of these protections is against fading in the siding, which happens over the years to older siding in the sunlight. This can make the siding appear discolored and negatively impact the cosmetic appearance of your siding and the curb appeal of your home. It also likely means that you’ll need to contact your siding contractors in Bloomington MN to install new siding every few years or so, when the siding starts to fade. This can end up being more costly than just upgrading your siding to a higher-quality material.


One issue that often accompanies other problems is pest problems in your siding. Small pests can burrow into wood siding, particularly if there is moisture in the wood. Once you have pests in your siding, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. It also makes your siding very weak and susceptible to more damage. If you are concerned by pests in your siding or moisture that could lead to pests, contact your local siding company. Experienced contractors will be able to check out your siding, recommend a type that fits the best with your home and budget, and be able to spot early signs of any problems that might arise. For siding help, contact the team at Capstone Bros Contracting today.

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Siding Contractor in Bloomington MN | Capstone Bros Contracting

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siding contractor in Bloomington MN

siding contractor in Bloomington MN

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