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Siding Contractor In Eden Prairie MN | How Winter Elements Can Impact Your Exterior (Part 2)

Winter weather and elements can take quite a toll on your home’s exterior. Part 1 of this blog series noted that rotting materials, heavy snowfall, & window cracking could all be potential impacts of winter. Here are 3 more potential consequences that winter could bring to your home: Siding Contractor In Eden Prairie MN

Ice Dams

Ice dams can cause major damage to your home’s exterior. If you have clogged gutters, snow that melts on your roof will back up because it has nowhere to go. When temperatures refreeze, the melted snow will turn into ice and create an ice dam on your roof. This can cause serious roof damage and impact the shingles and the layers underneath. The ice will continue to melt and refreeze, and the cycle of damage will continue getting worse. This can contribute to rotting materials and mold growth, both dangerous for your roof and home. Getting roof repairs or a roof replacement will likely be necessary. Ensure your gutters aren’t clogged so you can avoid ice dams and roof damage this winter.

Temperatures Can Crack Siding

Siding, especially vinyl siding, tends to expand and contract when the weather fluctuates. During the winter months in Minnesota, we commonly see temperature fluctuations of more than 40 degrees during the span of 24 hours. This puts significant strain on your vinyl siding. If the siding is installed too tightly, it’s more subject to cracks and breaks (which is why it’s always best to have a professional siding company who has experience doing your siding installations). Cracks in your siding lead to direct exposure to the layers underneath your siding materials, exposing your home to worse and more expensive damage. Ensure your siding is installed correctly and get prompt siding repairs if you have preexisting damage.

Water Damage from Snow

Water damage can happen any time of year, including the winter months. With the heaps of snow we get on a regular basis, your home could be subject to water damage from melted snow. One way snow damages your exterior is if you have preexisting storm damage that’s already been impacting your home. Holes, cracks, punctures, dents, loose materials, and more can expose the layers under your siding and allow melted snow to seep through these weakened points of your exterior.

Water damage can sometimes go unnoticed for a while, but it can have drastic impacts on your home. Bacteria, mold, and other toxins can develop and pose serious health threats. Water damage can also impact the structural integrity of the building materials, weakening the areas impacted. Snow could also melt into your basement or interior and cause indoor damage. By contacting a local siding company to make prompt storm damage repairs, you’re less likely to be impacted by water damage from snow this winter.

If you have preexisting damage or require exterior home services, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. Our siding services can help ensure your home will be protected this winter. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a siding contractor in Eden Prairie.

Siding Contractor In Eden Prairie MN

Siding Contractor In Eden Prairie MN

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