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Siding Contractor in Edina Minnesota | How to Choose the Right Siding (Part 1)

Siding Contractor in Edina Minnesota


Deciding on new siding for your home can be a big decision and you want to make sure you make the right one. It can be hard to know what to look for when considering the different styles of siding. Read about some important factors for siding in this two blog series about how to choose the right siding. Here is part one with four things to consider: Siding Contractor in Edina Minnesota


When deciding on the right siding for your home, style is an important aspect to consider. Each type of siding has a different look. One of the most popular styles is siding which is in parallel lines. This style includes vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, wood siding, and others. Brick siding gives more options with the design of the siding since brick comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can create an archway over a window or doorway with brick siding if that is the look you desire. Also, different types of siding have different textures. Sometimes wood is a popular choice because the aesthetic of wood is desired by many. It is a personal preference of what style of siding you would like for your home.


Another aspect to consider while looking at different types of siding is the durability of the siding. While some may like the aesthetic of wood, it can be less durable than other siding types. Wood siding can be susceptible to damage due to natural elements and critters. However, vinyl siding is very durable and does not rot. Metal is another very durable type of siding choice, but it can dent if impacted hard. Since we all know how harsh Minnesota winters can get, it is good to understand how the different siding withstands the variety of elements we have here. Vinyl siding can be very durable, but it also may crack in very cold weather, so this is something to consider when looking for the right siding.


Going along with the durability of siding, it is beneficial to know the amount of maintenance that goes into the siding and the different types. Some types of siding may require more upkeep to help the siding look nice. This can be due to the fact they are not as durable as other types of siding, so requiring more maintenance. If storm damage is a common occurrence of a type of siding, that plays into the level of maintenance needed. Also, some types of siding will need regular painting. Vinyl and brick are two types of siding that do not necessarily need to be painted, so they require less maintenance in this aspect. Each type of siding has its own level of maintenance.

The siding can play a big part in your home and you want to make sure it looks good but does not break your bank. There are many things to consider while looking for the perfect siding. The style, durability, and maintenance requirements for the siding are important to look into. Capstone Bros Contracting can help with your siding installation in Edina, Minnesota. Reach out to us to learn more today.

Siding Contractor in Edina Minnesota

Siding Contractor in Edina Minnesota

Siding Contractor in Edina Minnesota

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