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Siding Contractor in Hopkins MN | What Can Cause Siding Damage?

Siding Contractor in Hopkins MN

The siding on your house can become damaged in a variety of ways and is caused by many things. It is important to know the cause of damaged siding so you know how to fix it and prevent further damage. Here are four common causes for siding damage: Siding Contractor in Hopkins MN


A common cause of siding damage is the weather. If there is a big storm, trees can fall and damage the siding of a home, which can be a big project to fix. You can contact a local siding contractor to help with storm damage. Also, certain types of weather, such as hail, can dent the siding of a home if they are large enough and blow around hard enough. Even if the weather is all sunny and cloud-free, the siding of a home can still become damaged. Too much sun can cause the paint and color of siding to fade, especially if cheap paint is used and the area receives a lot of direct sunlight. There are many weather-related causes of siding damage, but a local siding contractor can help repair these issues.

Lack of Maintenance

Another source of siding damage can be a lack of maintenance. Some siding types are low maintenance and some are high maintenance, but they all need at least some type of upkeep. If you do not watch after your siding, it can damage it over time. Repainting and power washing are ways to help keep your siding looking fresh. It is also important to get your siding inspected regularly. Siding contractors can identify if there are any spots of your siding that need special care or fixing.


Certain bugs and critters can damage siding greatly. Wood is especially susceptible to insects finding their way into the wood slats. Termites are an example of insects that can get into the wood and weaken the siding. Termites will greatly damage any wood they find and can get into your house if not treated. Sometimes when bugs find their way into the siding, birds, like woodpeckers, will then damage the siding to get to the bugs to eat. Once a hole is started, birds can create a nest in the siding of a home. It is essential to fix this issue quickly, otherwise, your wall will become a home for birds complete with baby birds chirping early in the morning.

Poor Installation

A reason why siding might be damaged is that it was installed poorly. It is important to install siding correctly because if it is installed incorrectly, that could lead to more damage down the road. Something might look okay, maybe just a little crooked or loose so you think it does not matter. However, over time these small things can lead to larger issues. People like to do projects themselves, but if you were to install your siding on your own, it is likely not going to turn out as well as the professional siding contractors. A professional will know how to get it correct on the first try and can help with any damaged siding.

Damage to the siding of your home can be a serious issue that is important to identify so you know what caused it, and so you can fix it properly. Capstone Bros Contracting in Hopkins can aid you in your siding needs today and will help you replace them to ensure your home is safe and damage-free. Reach out to us to learn more!

Siding Contractor in Hopkins MN

Siding Contractor in Hopkins MN

Siding Contractor in Hopkins MN

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