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Siding Contractor in Rosemount MN | When Should I Replace My Siding?


Siding Contractor in Rosemount MN

Siding does not last forever, but it can be hard to tell when it is time to replace the siding of your home. It is important to keep your home up to date so it is safe. Here are four indications that it might be time to replace the siding of your home: Siding Contractor in Rosemount MN

Not Sealing Well

One sign that it is time to replace your siding is that the siding is not sealing well. If your energy bills have been high lately, this can be a sign that your siding is not sealed properly anymore, so heat or AC is leaking out. Siding is the first layer of protection against the outdoor elements, so if it has leaks, it is letting the outdoor elements in. If there are areas of the house or rooms that are particularly cold during the winter, it would be good to check to see if your siding needs replacing.

Often Maintenance

Often maintenance on your siding can be another indication that you need new siding. If you feel like you have to do repairs on your siding frequently and is never-ending, this can mean that your siding is towards the end of its life. Siding will weaken and not hold paint as well as it did when it was brand new. Also, it might have nails coming out or pieces falling down when it needs to be replaced. Replacing your siding might be a good idea especially because then you will not have to worry about constantly fixing it anymore.

Cracking and Morphing

As your siding gets to the end of its lifespan, it can crack and morph. Over the years, siding becomes more delicate and if you find that your siding is cracking easily, this can be a sign it is time for new siding. Also, if your siding is looking like it is distorted and no longer in straight lines as it once was, this can mean it has been under stress and not able to hold its original structure anymore. New siding will hold its shape and will not be as fragile.


Another sign that your siding needs replacing is that it is decaying. Decaying siding can look like a variety of things. This could be that pieces of siding easily fall out and nails do not hold to the siding pieces well anymore. If you have wood siding and you notice it is rotting and is soft in some areas, this is a signal it is time to replace the siding. Rotting wood can draw in bugs such as termites and then turn into an even bigger problem. It is important to get siding replaced when you notice the first signs of decay.

Each of these is a significant sign that your siding needs to be replaced. It is best to fix these issues sooner than later. Contact a Rosemount siding contractor such as Capstone Bros Contracting to help with replacing your siding today.

Siding Contractor in Rosemount MN

Siding Contractor in Rosemount MN

Siding Contractor in Rosemount MN

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