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Siding Contractor Minnetonka Minnesota

Siding Contractor Minnetonka Minnesota | Stone Veneer Siding vs. Natural Stone

Re-siding your home is a great way to upgrade and update your home. It can be challenging to narrow down all of the different siding materials that can benefit your home. Two beautiful choices that enhance the aesthetics of your exterior are stone veneer siding and natural stone siding. Here are some considerations to make when determining which is right for your home: Siding Contractor Minnetonka Minnesota

What is Stone Veneer Siding?

Stone veneer siding is man-made, engineered stone that is designed to look like traditional natural stone. It’s comprised of durable materials baked in molds that are shaped to appear like stone. Many homeowners choose stone veneer siding for their exteriors because it adds a beautiful aesthetic to the home. It pairs well with other siding materials like stucco or vinyl siding. It’s also a more cost-effective alternative compared to other types of siding materials. Stone veneer siding is lightweight, and local siding contractors can efficiently install stone veneer siding.

What is Natural Stone?

Natural stone is sourced from the earth with no added or removed colors or additives. Natural stone can be carved to match your desired shape or can be utilized without customizing it (such as rounded stones sourced from rivers). It’s a very durable siding material; it has a long lifespan and holds up well over time. The color of natural stone also remains preserved over time. It’s a beautiful, natural option for an exterior and can add significant value to your home.

Important Considerations

If you’re looking for a stone aesthetic for your exterior, there are some considerations you should make before choosing a siding material. Veneer stone is a great choice for homeowners wanting a more cost-effective option, and it’s also easy to obtain. Being that veneer stone siding is created using molds, it can appear homogeneous compared to the variety of natural stone. Veneer stone may also fade in color over time and be more susceptible to storm damage during times of severe weather. Depending on the aesthetic you desire, the durability and lifespan you want your exterior to possess, your budget, and a multitude of other factors, either stone veneer siding or natural stone could be great options for your exterior. However, it’s important not to limit your options. If you wish to explore more siding materials that could benefit your home, contact your local siding contractor.

Capstone Bros Contracting is proud to be your local siding contractor in Minnetonka and surrounding communities. We offer many exterior home services such as storm damage repair, free roof inspections, roofing services, siding services, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a siding contractor or to learn more about how our services can benefit your exterior.

Siding Contractor Minnetonka Minnesota

Siding Contractor Minnetonka Minnesota

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