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Siding Contractor Minnetonka MN

Siding Contractor Minnetonka MN | 4 Types of Siding Damage Caused by Severe Weather

Your siding is the outmost layer of your home and is responsible for protecting all of the layers underneath your siding material, as well as your interior. If you have siding damage, your home is susceptible to further damages, especially during the winter months when snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can cause expensive damage. If you haven’t inspected your siding recently, you may have preexisting storm damage that you’re unaware of. Here are 4 different types of siding damage that are common in Minnesota: Siding Contractor Minnetonka MN

Hail Damage

Summer thunderstorms can be unpredictable, and sometimes they are accompanied by heaps of hail. It’s common to see dents, holes, and cracks in the siding and on the roof after a hail storm. This type of damage leaves the layers under your siding exposed and vulnerable. Hail damage is a very common reason why homeowners require siding replacements in Minnetonka. Getting exterior repairs prior to snow is important for minimizing the risk of expensive water damage this winter.

Wind Damage

High winds are also a threat to your siding. Wind can impact your home any time of year, from summer storms to winter blizzards. Wind can cause entire siding panels to dislodge and break off if the winds are at high enough speeds. Areas of your exterior that aren’t protected by siding materials, even for a very short time, are very vulnerable to severe damage. Wind can also cause cracking and chipping of your siding. Ensure your exterior is protected by getting prompt siding repairs.

Impact Damage

Many people don’t often think about impact damage causing harm to the siding. Storms that bring about high winds can often cause objects or debris to crash into the siding and cause impact damage. Moving your lawn furniture into a storage area before a storm and before the winter months is a good way to prevent impact damage. Maintaining your trees and foliage is also a good idea; brush can whip around and cause cracks and holes in your siding. Even more hazardous, if you have tree limbs hanging over your roof, you could be susceptible to major roof damage from falling branches. This is especially dangerous if you have previous roof damage. If you have impact damage anywhere on your home, you should get siding repairs or roof repairs as soon as possible.

Water Damage

Water damage is often the result of unrepaired storm damages. Homeowners should frequently assess the state of their exteriors to determine if they have damage, the type of damage, the location of the damage, and get an idea of what kinds of repairs are necessary. With any area of your exterior exposed, water, ice, and snow can seep into the layers under your siding materials and cause rotting, mold, and compromise the structural integrity of your home. Getting storm damage repairs immediately helps minimize damage and protects your exterior and home.

Capstone Bros Contracting offers several exterior home services to help keep your home safe year-round. Don’t let the winter months impact your home; invest in siding services to protect your home and help ensure lasting durability. Contact us, your local siding contractors in Minnetonka, to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Siding Contractor Minnetonka MN

Siding Contractor Minnetonka MN

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