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Siding Contractors Bloomington MN | Should I Repair or Replace My Siding?

Has your siding seen better days? Does it seem to be damaged or on its last legs? When it comes to deciding whether it’s better to repair or replace your siding, the decision isn’t always easy. Here are some things to consider when trying to decide whether you should go the repair route or the replacement route for your siding: Siding Contractors Bloomington MN

How Old Is Your Siding?

One question to ask yourself when trying to determine whether it would be better to repair or replace your siding is: how old is your siding? The lifespan of your siding depends on the type of siding material your home has, and certain types of materials have longer lifespans than others, so it’s a good idea to check and see what the average lifespan of your home’s siding generally is if you don’t know. If your home recently got new siding within the past decade or so, then opting for siding repairs would make the most sense. However, if your home’s siding is very old and worn looking, then you should consider replacing it and installing new siding in its stead. To learn more about the different types of siding materials and what their average lifespans are, feel free to contact your local Bloomington siding contractors at Capstone Bros Contracting today.

Is the Damage Minor or Major?

Another question to ask yourself is: is the damage or extent of the wear to your siding minor or major? If your siding only has minor damage or minor wear and tear, then siding repairs would make the most sense. However, if your siding has incurred major damage or has major signs of wear, then you may want to consider doing new siding installation for your home. If you’re uncertain as to whether your siding damage warrants repairs or a full replacement, you should have your local contractors at Capstone Bros Contracting inspect your siding for you.

Does Your Siding Have Water-Related Damage?

Lastly, a huge factor that can determine whether you should go the siding repair or siding replacement route is whether or not your siding has water or moisture-related damage. This includes wood rot, rust, holes, cracks, mold/mildew growth, warped or bubbling siding, moisture or water problems that affect your interior walls, significantly faded or worn looking siding, etc. When water is the problem, then, no matter how new or old your siding is, your siding will most likely have to be replaced entirely, otherwise the problem won’t be solved and the damage will only continue to worsen and the issues to compound. If your siding is showing signs of water damage, then you should Capstone Bros Contracting, the best roofing company in Bloomington MN, replace your siding.

Siding Repairs Bloomington MN | Our Services

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Siding Contractors Bloomington MN

Siding Contractors Bloomington MN

Siding Contractors Bloomington MN

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