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Siding Contractors Eagan MN | What Causes Siding Damage

 Siding Contractors Eagan MN

No homeowner wants to see the exterior of their house damaged or looking bad. Hence it is important that whenever you note your siding looking wavy, buckling, or bulging, it’s critical to call a team of experienced siding restorers, just like the one at Capstone ASAP! They can help you lower the harm and provide recommendations for the next maintenance. Lastly, they will analyze the root cause causing these damages, so they don’t bother you again. If you’re looking for siding contractors Eagan MN, look no further than Capstone Bros.

Water Damage

House owners must maintain tabs on their home’s exterior siding during the 12 months. Gray, white, or black spots for your siding are a signal of mildew and mold and must be sorted proper away. Make sure to test with an expert vinyl siding employer to see if they provide strength washing services to blast away mold and mildew.

Insect Damage

While rare, it’s possible that your vinyl siding will be infested with bugs. One of the most common culprits is termites. To check for termite damage, take a screwdriver and lightly push against your vinyl siding. If the screwdriver tip pushes into the siding material without difficulty, you probably have an insect problem. If you observe insect broken siding, make sure to call a pest control professional and a pro home siding restore contractor as soon as possible.

Constructing Movement

It’s unusual for a house to move slightly, but no longer impossible. From time to time vintage buildings can settle through the years and create slight shifts within the building’s shape. When this occurs, the siding could buckle or bulge. If you stay in an older home, we suggest you reach out to a structural engineer if you suspect structural damage.

Is Siding Damage Protected Through Insurance?

Siding isn’t always only an important element of your house’s outdoors, it protects your home from damaging climate and insulates it for most effective power conservation. In addition, it features your house’s general aesthetic. Then, a storm can come along and destroy your siding, puncturing holes from fallen and cracked branches, and smashing into panels with flying particles causing siding damage.

Siding Damage In Storm

Many sections of your home that are exposed to the elements can be harmed by a storm. Siding is one aspect of your home that might be damaged by storms. Unfortunately, unless you take the time to thoroughly inspect your siding and know what to look for, the damage is not usually obvious. Here are a few examples of common weather factors that might harm your siding, as well as the types of damage these storms can cause:


Strong wind gusts might physically take your house’s exterior off. You may notice holes where the siding is completely absent, or you may notice the siding flapping around in the wind, depending on the sort of material you have. Depending on the type of siding, the age of the siding, the condition of the siding, and the extent of the damage, the siding must be fixed or replaced.


After a hail storm, most people inspect their roofs, but only a few people think about checking their siding. Hail can dent your siding in the same way that it can dent your roof. Hail does not always fall straight down; it can also fall sideways, producing dents and siding damage.

To learn more about our roofing, siding, window, or storm damage services, don’t hesitate to contact your local siding contractors in Eagan MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today.

 Siding Contractors Eagan MN

Siding Contractors Eagan MN

Siding Contractors Eagan MN

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