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Siding Contractors Hopkins MN | 3 Common Types of Winter Siding Damage

It’s cold outside! Winter in Minnesota is accompanied by strong winds, heaps of snow, freezing temperatures, and ice everywhere. On frigid & blustery days, residents of Minnesota often want nothing more than to stay indoors and remain comfortable and cozy. Your home’s exterior plays a major role in keeping the inside of your home warm and comfortable. When you have exterior damage, such as siding or roof damage, it can have impacts on other parts of your home. Homeowners should be aware of any damage their exterior may have endured and take measures to make prompt repairs. Here are 3 common types of winter siding damage to be aware of: Siding Contractors Hopkins MN

Siding Cracks & Breaks

Vinyl siding can be vulnerable during the winter months to cracking and breaking. Getting vinyl siding installed by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can cause damage down the road, which can be susceptible in the winter. Your siding may bulge, warp, or buckle due to improper installation and allow water and cold air to enter under the siding materials. Moreover, when snow accumulates next to your house, it applies significant pressure to your siding material and can cause cracking and breaking. Temperature fluctuations can also put a strain on your siding, causing expansions and contractions. This can result in further damage that should be repaired by a local siding contractor as soon as possible.

Animal Infestation

If you have preexisting siding damage, possibly from summer storm damage or from the impacts of winter, these damaged points in your siding could be areas where unwanted critters can make their way into and settle. With the freezing temperatures and all of the winter elements, critters (such as rodents, birds, and insects) are on the search for sheltered areas for protection. Siding damage provides a perfect opportunity for animals to infiltrate and nest. Wood siding can often show obvious signs such as gnawing or termite damage. Other times, animal infestation may not be as obvious as the impacted area is under your siding material. Getting prompt siding repairs in areas impacted by siding damage will help minimize the risk of unwanted guests settling in.

Water Damage

Water damage can take many forms. A common way homes and siding materials are impacted by water damage is by melted snow. If you have preexisting damage, water can penetrate through these areas and seep into the layers under your siding, as well as your interior. Sometimes, homeowners deal with basement flooding in the winter months due to damaged areas of the exterior. Melted snow can also cause rotting and warping materials, which could impact the structural integrity of your home. Water damage also often leads to the development of fungus, mildew, moss, and mold, which could be very harmful to your indoor air quality and the health of people and pets in your home. Ensure you don’t allow water damage to negatively impact your home and get your siding repaired or siding replacements if you have damage impacting your home.

Capstone Bros Contracting is happy to offer exterior home services to help homes remain free of siding damage, animal infestation, and water damage. Contact us, your local siding company in Hopkins, to schedule an appointment with a siding contractor who can repair your exterior damage and help your home remain safe and durable through the winter months.

Siding Contractors Hopkins MN

Siding Contractors Hopkins MN

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