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Siding Contractors Eden Prairie Minnesota

Siding Contractors in Apple Valley MN | Should I Replace My Siding Part 3

Hey there! Welcome to the Part 3 of our blog series, “Should I Replace My Siding”. In this article, we’ll discuss what it means if your siding seams started to separate. We’ll then move on to discuss if your Minnesota home requires a siding installation if you detect dry rot, fungi, or mild growing underneath. And lastly, we’ll discuss how storms affect sidings. So, let’s get started! Siding Contractors in Apple Valley MN

Are Your Seams Starting To Separate?

As you might know, sidings are not just one big slab of metal; they are a series of panels that are connected through seams. Therefore, seams function like joints, and this makes them very important. It is big red light when they begin to separate. This movement exposes the underlying interface to potential exterior damage. Seams start to pull when the associated siding panels have aged or are improperly installed. If you are unfortunate and the seam movement is substantial, the siding will need to be removed and then reinstalled. And if you have older sidings, it’s time to replace them.

Has Your Siding Started To Rot?

It’s because of this factor that manufacturers recommend getting your siding regularly inspected. Dry rot is not very visible as it forms underneath your siding. Thus, it does not affect the overall appearance of your house. This, however, does not make it less dangerous. Dry rot is a big nuisance as it directly affects the underlaying interface of the siding. And, if dry rot goes undetected and your interface is severely affected, you might just have to completely replace it and reinstall your siding panels. In addition to dry rot, siding can become vulnerable to certain fungi and mold species. If these grow underneath the siding as well as on top of it, you may need to remediate the mold problem and replace the siding. For more information, feel free to contact the best siding replacers in Apple Valley MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today!

How Many Storms Has Your Siding Been Through?

Do you live in a thunderstorm prone area? What about other storms such as dust ones and strong winds; do you encounter them often? If yes, you should not take maintaining your sidings as a light activity. Severe storms can create weaknesses in your siding. How do you infer if yours need replacement? Check for extensive chipping from hail or shifting due to wind. In these cases, you may need a stronger siding material to protect your home. For any advice or suggestion, feel free to contact your local siding replacers in Apple Valley MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today! And, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series as well!

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Siding Contractors in Apple Valley MN | Capstone Bros Contracting

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Siding Contractors in Apple Valley MN

Siding Contractors in Apple Valley MN

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