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Siding Contractors in Bloomington MN | 3 Reasons Your Vinyl Siding Is Wavy

Durability, affordability, and low maintenance costs are just some of the reasons why vinyl siding has been the number one choice of siding for Americans. And how can one forget its versatile aesthetics: you can have them in any color you want for your Minnesota home. However, they are not perfect. Home owners have often reported that their vinyl sidings have become wavy. But why does this happen? Let’s find out now! Siding Contractors in Bloomington MN

It’s Been Nailed Down Very Tightly

People usually associate a tighter fix with extra longevity. However, vinyl sidings are seriously damaged if they are nailed down too tightly. This is because such sidings expand when it is cold and contract when it is cold. As such, they need some free space to move from side to side. When nailed firmly, they struggle to do this and their gets spoiled. One easy to determine if your siding panels are nailed too tightly is trying to slide the vinyl panels horizontally by hand. The panels should move about a half of an inch giving it space to change with the temperatures.

Incorrect Alignment

A commonly seen cause behind vinyl sidings developing waves is incorrect alignment. This happens if your panels are installed in a hurry. If the ends of the panels are situated too close to trim around windows or they are situated on the corners of the house, there won’t be enough room for them to move about as they usually do. In fact, improper installation is the leading cause for vinyl sidings to develop faults. For more information, feel free to contact the best siding replacers in Bloomington MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today!

Incorrect Nail Placement

The top of vinyl sidings has long oval openings. This is where a nailed is screwed in to attach it to the structure. Although some think the nails can go anywhere in these openings, it is crucial that the nails are properly placed in the center of these slots. If, however, the nails are too close to the ends, even if they are screwed tightly, the panels won’t have room for expansion and contraction. When this happens, the panels become wavy.

What To Do:

If, unfortunately, your sidings have warped and become wavy, you need to get a siding replacement. This is because siding panels that already have started to warp cannot be straightened. Leaving this problem unattended can result in even bigger problems. Sidings that are severely waved or melted leave your home exposed, allowing water to seep in. This fosters rot and mold growth. Insects also look for dark damp places, so this can be the perfect spot for them to hide. Therefore, contact your local siding replacers in Bloomington MN at Capstone Bros Contracting today for some new siding!

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Siding Contractors in Bloomington MN

Siding Contractors in Bloomington MN

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