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How Storms Can Damage Roofs

Siding Contractors in Plymouth MN | Storm Damage Services You May Need (Part 2)

Storm damage is sometimes a natural consequence of severe weather here in Minnesota. Getting storm damage repairs is important to keep your home sturdy and durable. Part 1 of this blog series noted that getting regular roof inspections, siding repair, and roof repairs are all important types of storm damage repairs you may need after severe weather hits. Here are 3 more potential storm damage repairs you may need: Siding Contractors in Plymouth MN

Window Replacements

During times of severe weather, your windows can be vulnerable to damage such as cracked glass or fractured trim. Living with damaged windows can be very dangerous for anyone living in the home, so it’s important to get damaged windows replaced promptly. Sometimes, windows incur damage that isn’t visible to the untrained eye, however, this doesn’t mean it’s not impacting your home. Window damage can contribute to a major lack of energy efficiency and cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Getting window replacements is a great way to improve your energy efficiency and even increase the value of your home. New windows come in various styles, sizes, and materials that will be sure to suit your home’s aesthetic.

Siding Replacement

Severe weather can also severely impact your siding. High winds or hail damage can cause destruction throughout your exterior, including wind tearing off siding panels or hail penetrating your siding materials. Hail damage typically impacts a wide area of your exterior. When your home incurs hail damage, it’s often recommended to get a siding replacement to fix the entirety of your siding. Siding contractors can thoroughly assess your siding damage to determine the extent of the damage and make the repairs necessary to ensure your exterior is sturdy, durable, and can sufficiently protect your home.

Roof Replacement

Hail damage and wind damage can also severely impact your roof. If you have wind-damaged shingles (such as creased, cracked, or completely torn off shingles) throughout your roof, this often warrants getting a roof replacement. Hail damage can also cause severe damage to your roof, though sometimes it can be difficult to recognize. You should contact local roofing contractors to perform roof inspections so you can catch any roof damage before it starts to impact other areas of your home. Roofing contractors can spot subtle signs of damage and make the necessary repairs, or a roof replacement, to ensure your roof and home can best protect you from the elements.

If you require roofing services, siding services, or window services, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. We are happy to offer free roof inspections to help ensure your home is safe and protected from the outdoor elements. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a siding contractor in Plymouth.

Siding Contractors in Plymouth MN

Siding Contractors in Plymouth MN

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