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Siding Contractors Woodbury MN

Siding Contractors Woodbury MN | Major Indications You Need New Siding (Part 2)

If you have exterior damage, you likely need siding repairs or a siding replacement to ensure your home is structurally sound. Part 1 of this blog series noted that storm damage, rotting siding, and excessive maintenance all point to the need for siding services. Here are 3 more indicators that you need siding replacement services to keep your home safe: Siding Contractors Woodbury MN

Poor Energy Efficiency

A major tell that you need a siding replacement is if your energy bill is skyrocketing. There are often occasions where homeowners aren’t aware that their exterior has preexisting damage that’s impacting the home. Sometimes, this damage is difficult to spot. Drafty areas are usually much more noticeable during the winter months, so if you notice excessive chills coming through walls and windows, you could benefit from a siding replacement and/or window services. When you have siding damage impacting your exterior, those points are weakened and easier allow the elements to impact your interior. You’ll also lose out on heat and energy when trying to keep your home comfortable during the coldest months of the year. If you notice your energy bill is significantly higher than in previous months and years, contact your local siding company to determine your best route for siding repairs or replacement.

Old Age

Sometimes you just have to face it; if your siding has seen decades of the elements, it’s probably time to invest in new siding. Depending on the state of your siding, you may have to get siding replacements after a few years or after a few decades. Siding that has been well maintained will last longer than siding that hasn’t had the proper upkeep. After a while, many siding materials just won’t be able to withstand the elements like they used to. Vinyl siding may start to fade due to intense UV rays, wood siding may start to rot, and metal siding could start to rust over time. And remember, any exterior is vulnerable to storm damage. Getting new siding helps ensure your exterior is more durable and resilient against the elements.

Cracks & Holes

Cracks and holes in your siding are definitely unattractive and can significantly detract from your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal. However, this isn’t the worst part. If your siding has endured storm damage or has other forms of siding damage, your exterior isn’t adequately able to protect the entirety of your home from the outdoor elements. The structural integrity of your home can become compromised if you have siding damage that goes unrepaired. Water can quickly gain entry through compromised areas of your exterior. If you have cracks and holes in your siding, this is also an invitation to critters like mice, insects, and more to cozy up, nest, and retreat from the harsh elements. Repairing and/or replacing your damaged siding is imperative for keeping your home free of water damage, unwanted guests, and compromised structural integrity.

Poor energy efficiency, old siding materials, and cracks & holes are all major signs that you should have your siding replaced. Capstone Bros Contracting is proud to offer many siding services in Woodbury to help ensure your home is safe and sturdy. Contact us today to connect with a siding contractor or for more information on any of our exterior home services.

Siding Contractors Woodbury MN

Siding Contractors Woodbury MN

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