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Siding Repair in Eden Prairie MN | What Can Cause Siding Damage?

Siding Repair in Eden Prairie MN

Siding is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s what protects you from the weather, and it can add style to your home. That’s why it’s so important to take care of siding so that it lasts as long as possible. But what if something goes wrong with your siding? When should you hire a contractor? And what are some common causes of siding damage? We’ll be answering all these questions in this blog post! Siding Repair in Eden Prairie MN

What Causes Siding Damage?

Siding damage is caused by many different factors. It’s not always the result of extreme weather or other natural disasters. Siding damage can be caused by anything from heavy rain and hail to mold, mildew, and even insects.

A common cause of siding damage is moisture trapped inside your home which eventually leads to rot and decay. If you live in an area that experiences cold winters or hot summers with high humidity levels, this problem may be more likely for you than for someone who lives in a state where it’s dry and sunny all year round!

Wind Damage

Wind damage can be caused by high winds, or by a sudden gust of wind. Wind damage can also be caused by a storm. The most common types of storm damage to siding are:

  • The siding was ripped off the house
  • Siding cracked or broken apart

When it comes to moisture, rain is often the culprit in siding destruction. Rainwater seeps into cracks and holes in your home’s exterior and then freezes when temperatures drop below freezing during winter months, creating more cracks that allow more water to get inside your walls and cause mold growth on interior surfaces such as drywall or wood paneling.

Rain and Hail

Rain and hail can cause damage to your siding. Siding is made of different materials, and some are more susceptible to damage than others. Water can seep into the house through cracks in the siding, which can lead to mold growth inside your home if it isn’t properly maintained. Damage may also be caused by water pooling on the siding after heavy rains or snowstorms; this will warp the boards and make them brittle over time.

Hailstones are chunks of ice that fall from clouds during thunderstorms. If these large stones hit your home’s exterior while it’s raining heavily outside, they could cause significant damage. Windy conditions can also cause warping due to prolonged exposure to heavy gusts.

Moisture Damage

Moisture is a common cause of siding damage. When moisture gets trapped behind your siding, it can cause wood to rot and mold to grow. Mold growth can also lead to paint peeling, which will make your home look old and worn out.

Moisture can get trapped behind the siding on exterior walls if there are gaps or cracks in the sealants between boards or panels. This happens when there has been an earthquake or other natural disaster that damages the structure of your house; when you’ve had water infiltration from rain storms or heavy winds; if there was improper installation done by someone else; or if someone has damaged one part but not another part of their house while working on it.


The sun is the biggest source of heat, and it can damage your siding if not properly protected. Overheating can be caused by:

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight or bright lights. Sunlight reflects off windows, causing the wall behind them to overheat and dry out quickly.
  • Open windows or doors that allow wind drafts into your home during summer months (or winter months in colder climates), which can cause an increase in temperature on interior walls where no insulation exists such as around windowsills and door frames.

Protect Your Siding and Hire a Professional Contractor

To prevent further damage, you need to know what caused your siding damage in the first place. The best way to do this is by having a professional contractor inspect it and determine what’s going on with your home.

Siding damage is a common occurrence, and it can be restored with the right contractor. If you’ve noticed siding damage on your home or commercial property, don’t hesitate to call a local siding contractor for help with siding repair services. We’ll provide you with an estimate for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged siding so that you can get back to enjoying your home again!

Contractors are trained in identifying issues such as water damage and other factors that can lead to problems with your siding. They can then recommend solutions based on their findings, which will help you make smart decisions about how best to protect your property from future problems.

Siding Repair in Eden Prairie MN

Siding damage can be a costly repair, but with the right contractor and the right materials, you can have your home looking like new again in no time. If you’re concerned about the condition of your siding, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional siding contractor before any major damage occurs. If you have siding damage, don’t hesitate to contact us at Capstone Bros. Contracting in Eden Prairie, Minnesota today.

Siding Repair in Eden Prairie MN

Siding Repair in Eden Prairie MN

Siding Repair in Eden Prairie MN

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