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Siding Repair in Lonsdale MN

Siding Repair in Lonsdale MN | Top 5 signs of Damage to your Home’s Siding

Many homeowners think that unless they observe visible damage to the siding, everything is fine; however, we have bad news: there are many signs of damage to your sidings such as cracked exterior paint or high energy bills that you may not even notice. If you’d like to learn more about Siding Repair in Lonsdale MN, then continue reading this article or reach out to Capstone Bros. today.

Damage does not necessarily mean replacement, many siding problems can be repaired easily. As a homeowner, it is important to identify the signs of damage and know when to hire a professional siding repair contractor in Lonsdale.

In this blog, we help you identify the top 5 signs of damage to your home’s siding in Lonsdale. So, let’s begin!

#1 High energy bills

Many homeowners do not even pay attention to their home’s siding when their energy bills increase over the years. Often, high energy bills are caused by damaged home wrap and old siding. Home wrap acts as a moisture barrier and energy efficiency system for your house. So, if your energy bills are outrageous, get in touch with a local siding contractor to discuss the issue.

#2 Fungus, mold, or mildew

When the moisture barrier is broken, it seeps under the siding and weakens the structural integrity of your house. If you notice bubbles on your composite or wood siding, it is about time you contact a professional siding contractor.

If you have steel or vinyl siding, then your siding gets fungus, mold, or mildew. Once these substances take control of your siding, your house is in trouble. You need to shop for a reliable siding replacement company right away.

#3 Rippling and warping

Rippling and warping are the signs that your home’s siding no longer acts as the first line of defense against harmful elements. It does not only lower the curb appeal of your house but allows water to seep into the walls.

After years of contracting and expanding in the winter and summer seasons, sidings often warp. Also, poor siding installation may be a cause of rippling. It is best to contact a quality siding company to determine whether you need to replace or repair your home’s siding.

#4 Pests

Pests are a major issue for homeowners who have vinyl or wood siding. If you observe birds, mice, chipmunks, or squirrels close to your house, then it is a red flag. Damaged wood siding rots, which attracts insects and bugs, which further attracts these animals to your house. You may even notice these insects or small animals living under your house’s siding.

You need to hire a professional siding service in Lonsdale as soon as you notice these signs.

#5 Dingy exterior paint

Homes typically need repaint jobs every ten to fifteen years. However, if you have repainted your house ten times in the last four years, it is a sign of damaged siding. Good quality sidings hold their color and shape for at least ten years. If your siding does not hold the color, it is a sign that your siding has a water leak. Water leakage weakens the structure of your home.

If you notice any of these issues, get in touch with an expert siding contractor in your area. If you are looking for a reliable siding company in Lonsdale, you are at the right place! At Capstone Bros Contracting, we provide top-notch siding repair and replacement services. We also offer window damage, roof damage, and hail damage services in the area. Get in touch with us for more information!

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Siding Repair in Lonsdale MN

Siding Repair in Lonsdale MN

Siding Repair in Lonsdale MN

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