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Storm Damage in Burnsville MN

Storm Damage in Burnsville MN | Hail Damage Repair FAQ

Storm damage is a concern of many homeowners throughout the upper Midwest. In Minnesota, we aren’t strangers to thunderstorms and hail damage. Hail damage can do some major damage to homes throughout Minnesota. Here are 4 frequently asked questions when it comes to hail damage in Burnsville MN: Hail Damage Repair FAQ

Is my home vulnerable to hail damage?

Anyone and everyone living in an area that experiences hail is susceptible to hail damage. Hail can do major damage to an exterior, especially when hailstones are large and fall with great speed. However, some homes may be more vulnerable than others when it comes to storm damage in Burnsville MN. If your home has been impacted by damage from a previous storm, your exterior will naturally be weaker and less able to protect your home from the harsh elements that hailstorms bring. If you know you have preexisting storm damage impacting your home, it’s important to get prompt storm damage repairs to minimize the impact of further damages that could harm your home.

Where can hail impact my home?

Your home’s exterior is completely exposed to the elements, which include your roof, siding, doors, windows, and other exterior features. Hail damage can impact areas throughout your entire exterior and cause damage to various different surfaces on your home. Your roof is especially susceptible to storm damage caused by hail because of the large area directly exposed to falling hail. Your home’s siding is also especially vulnerable due to the large area of coverage. Windows can also crack or break due to the impact of hail, leaving your exterior directly exposed to the elements. If your exterior is damaged by hail, ensure you contact your local roofing company in Burnsville MN to make prompt roof, siding, and/or window repairs.

How can I protect my home from hail damage?

While every home is potentially susceptible to storm damage, there are several things you can do to protect your home from the elements. First off, homeowners should take proactive measures to care for their exteriors. Ensure your home is sturdy, stable, and best able to protect you from severe weather. Regular home maintenance and cleaning are important. Another key way to proactively care for your home is by getting regular roof inspections. It’s important to get a roof inspection to determine if you have storm damage that is already impacting your home; this makes your home weaker and vulnerable to more extensive (and expensive) damages during storm season. It’s also important to get any preexisting damage repaired. Getting roof repairs, a roof replacement, or siding services helps to ensure your roof is best able to protect your home.

If you are ready to schedule a roof inspection in Burnsville MN, or to learn more about our exterior home services and how they can benefit your home, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. We are your local roofing company in Burnsville MN and want to help ensure your home is safe and best able to protect you against the elements. Contact us today to learn more, to schedule a free roof inspection, or for any of our other exterior services. Watch for Part 2 of this blog series for a few more frequently asked questions surrounding hail damage.

Storm Damage in Burnsville MN

Storm Damage in Burnsville MN

Storm Damage in Burnsville MN

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