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Storm Damage in Edina MN | Types of Storm Damage

Storm Damage in Edina MN

Storms are nature’s way of reminding us that it can be a dangerous place. Storm damage is never predictable, and it can happen at any time. Here are several types of storm damage that you should be aware of so you can call in a professional contractor for help: Storm Damage in Edina MN

Hail Damage

Hail damage is one of the most common types of storm damage. Hail can be as small as a pebble or as big as a golf ball, and it falls from the sky in clusters during severe thunderstorms. The hail stones are frozen pellets of precipitation that can cause significant damage to your roof and windows if they hit your home hard enough.

Hail is just a frozen pellet of precipitation, so you might think that it won’t do much harm when it hits your house. However, hail can cause serious damage if it impacts your roof with enough force to break off shingles or dent the roofing material underneath them. In addition, because hail stones have sharper edges than rain droplets do, they may strike and chip away at windows instead of bouncing off them without causing any harm at all. This means that your home’s glass surfaces will probably sustain some minor scratches from these impacts unless you take steps to protect them against this kind of weather event in advance.

Wind Damage

Wind damage is the most common type of storm damage, and it can be very dangerous. This includes:

  • Roof damage
  • Shingles being ripped off of roofs
  • Windows and doors being blown out
  • Siding being blown off your home or business
  • Trees and power lines getting knocked down by strong winds
  • Damage to the interior of your home (like a broken window or door)

Fallen Tree Damage

It’s possible that your roof, siding, windows, and gutters may be damaged by a fallen tree. Fallen trees can also cause damage to decks, fences, landscaping, and AC units. Finally, fallen trees can even cause damage to pools!


Flooding is one of the most common types of storm damage. Flooding can occur when heavy rainfall causes your home to experience flooding, but it can also occur if there is a broken water pipe inside your home. If you have experienced flooding caused by heavy rainfall or a broken water pipe, contact your insurance company right away.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, make sure that you purchase flood insurance with your homeowner’s policy. This will help protect against damages from future floods as well as ones that may have occurred during past storms. Not only will this help protect against any damages related specifically to flooding (such as those listed above), but it will also cover other general repairs such as broken windows or missing doors.

Lightning Strike Damage

Lightning Strike Damage is one of the most common types of storm damage. Lightning strikes can cause fires, electrical problems, and even injuries. If you are outside and lightning strikes near you, seek shelter immediately. If possible, get into a house or building with plumbing that is not connected to an electric system. If this is not possible, crouch down in a low area away from trees or tall objects that may attract additional strikes from the sky. Avoid open areas like fields as they provide better targets for lightning to strike!

If you are caught outdoors during a thunderstorm stay away from sharp objects like metal fences and power lines because they have been known to conduct electricity when struck by lightning which can be fatal if contact occurs directly between them. Also, avoid deep puddles where standing water acts like antennae attracting more electric current through the ground which could also result in serious injuries if touched while wet!

When inside your house make sure all appliances such as televisions or computers turn off any time there are storms nearby. 

Be Prepared With Insurance

The best way to be prepared is to get the right insurance. This means getting coverage for your home and personal property, as well as any outbuildings or vehicles you might own. It’s also important to buy the right deductible—meaning, the amount of money you’re willing to pay before an insurance company steps in to help cover costs—and make sure you have enough liability coverage. You’ll need an agent who knows what they’re doing and a reputable company with whom they can work closely.

The last thing you want is for someone else’s negligence or error in judgment to cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Hire a Professional Contractor

If you have damaging storms, they can damage your roof. Roofs are exposed to the elements and can be damaged by a variety of things, including hail, wind, and lightning.

You can prevent some of this damage with a new roof. A reliable roofing company that specializes in storm damage repairs can help you with your roofing needs. If your home has experienced storm damage, it’s important to call an expert contractor to assess the damage and help you with any necessary repairs.

Storm Damage in Edina MN

There are a few types of storm damage that can affect your home. Hail, wind, and fallen trees are some of the most common types. If you have a damaged roof, it’s important to get it repaired quickly so that water doesn’t continue leaking into your home. If you are looking for a storm damage contractor, contact our team of professionals at Capstone Bros. in Edina, MN today.

Storm Damage in Edina MN

Storm Damage in Edina MN

Storm Damage in Edina MN

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