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Storm Damage in Hastings MN | Types of Storm Damage

Storm Damage in Hastings MN

Hurricanes and tornadoes are not the only things that can damage your home. There are many other types of storm damage that you may not be prepared for, including: Storm Damage in Hastings MN

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain is one of the most common types of storm damage. Heavy rains usually refer to any amount of rainfall that reaches two inches in a 24-hour period. In general, if you live in an area prone to heavy rains, it’s crucial to prepare for them by installing sump pump drains in your basement and waterproofing your doors and windows.

Flash Floods

Flash floods are a type of flood that happens in a matter of minutes. The water level can rise rapidly, causing flooding and other damage to property that may be deadly.

Flash floods are often caused by heavy rains. They can develop quickly, especially if there’s already been an area of flooding prior to the flash flood event. Flash floods aren’t always caused by storm systems, but they often happen during thunderstorms when heavy rain creates rapid runoff.

Flying Debris

Flying debris can be anything from wind-blown trash to pieces of shingles, tree branches, and even whole trees. Flying debris is most likely to cause damage in heavy storms or hurricanes, but it can happen during any storm. Even short-lived storms that move through quickly can create flying debris if they have high winds.

Strong Winds

Strong winds can cause damage to a wide variety of structures and personal property:

  • Wind can cause trees and branches to fall on buildings, vehicles, fences, and boats.
  • Wind can force windows out of their frames or break them entirely.
  • Strong gusts of wind may rip shingles off roofs or even knock down entire sections of roofing materials.

Hail Damage

If your home has been damaged by hail, you may wonder whether or not your insurance policy covers the damage. Hail damage can occur to the roof, siding, window frames, and glass panes. In addition to causing structural damage, hailstones can also cause significant interior damage such as ceiling tiles falling or water leaks from a broken pipe. If you’re unsure if your home is eligible for coverage against hail damage, consult with your insurance agent before contacting a contractor for repair services.

Lightning Damage

A lightning strike is a sudden electrostatic discharge that occurs in the atmosphere between electrically charged regions of a cloud. If a flash of lightning strikes your home, you might be able to hear it and feel it as an instantaneous jolt. Other signs include:

  • Scorch marks on the exterior walls (if the bolt only touched the roof)
  • Broken windows or skylights
  • Electrical damage: blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, or damaged electrical wiring

Protect Yourself From Storm Damage

The best way to protect yourself from storm damage is to work with a professional to survey your home and property. A home survey will allow you to see what kind of damage may have occurred, and it can also help you decide if it’s necessary for you to take any action in order to protect your property.

When looking for a home inspector, make sure they are qualified and experienced at performing storm damage inspections. They should be able to give you an honest opinion about any damage done during the storm, and they should also be able to offer advice on how they would go about fixing those problems if needed. The more prepared you are, the less likely that you’ll be caught off guard by something unexpected like heavy rain or strong winds! Contact your local contractors at Capstone Bros. Contracting in Hastings, Minnesota today.

Storm Damage in Hastings MN

Storm Damage in Hastings MN

Storm Damage in Hastings MN

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