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Storm Damage in Maple Grove MN

Storm Damage in Maple Grove MN | 4 Common Types of Spring Storms

Spring has sprung, and many people are now able to enjoy the sunny weather and milder temperatures. However, with spring also comes more perilous weather that can cause damage to your home. Storm damage in Maple Grove MN can be a serious and pervasive threat as the weather becomes warmer. Want to learn more about Storm Damage in Maple Grove MN? Then keep reading. There are several potential causes of storm damage; here are 4 common types of spring storms and how they could impact your home: 4 Common Types of Spring Storms


One common type of severe weather we see in Minnesota is windstorms. Windstorms encompass winds that are strong enough to cause some type of damage to the environment, including trees and structures. Wind damage can take many forms on your home’s exterior. Damage to your roof and shingles can occur; strong enough winds can sometimes blow shingles off your roof and leave the layers under your roof exposed to the elements. Siding damage can also occur when panels are damaged or completely removed due to high winds.


Thunderstorms are another common occurrence during spring weather. Thunderstorms are very dangerous and can cause major damage to your home. They often include lightning, thunder, strong winds, and heavy rains which can lead to flooding. If your home has preexisting storm damage, thunderstorms are even more perilous to your home as they create more extensive damage. Getting a roof inspection is a good way to determine if you have preexisting damage and if you need roof repairs before your home is further impacted.


Tornadoes feature extremely high winds and can cause extreme damage to anything in their path. As previously mentioned, high winds can tear off parts of your exterior like your shingles or siding. Moreover, tornadoes can cause various forms of window damage. It’s important to ensure your home is structurally sound to help prevent major damage. Your home could also endure impact damage from high winds causing branches or trees to crash into your exterior. If your home is impacted by storm damage, contact your local roofing contractor in Maple Grove MN right away to make the necessary repairs and help keep your home safe.


Finally, hailstorms can become a major source of damage come the warmer months of the year. Hailstorms can be minor if the hailstones are very small, however, hailstones of greater size can cause major damage to your exterior. Hail can dent or penetrate your siding and leave your home exposed. What’s more, is your roof is especially susceptible to hail damage as it is the first layer of protection for your home. Hail can cause bruising and weaken your shingles, which hinders your roof’s ability to protect your home against the elements. It’s helpful to get a roof inspection to determine if you have hail damage as it is often difficult to spot.

If you are impacted by storm damage, or if you need a roof inspection in Maple Grove MN, contact Capstone Bros Contracting. We are proud to offer free roof inspections to help you ensure your home is best protected from the elements. Contact us today to get in touch with a local roofing contractor in Maple Grove Minnesota or to learn more about our exterior home services.

Storm Damage in Maple Grove MN

Storm Damage in Maple Grove MN

Storm Damage in Maple Grove MN

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