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Storm Damage in Savage MN

Storm Damage in New Hope MN | What does Hail Damage in New Hope Look Like On a Roof?

Do you know that a hail storm can damage more than just your car? When a hail storm hits, it can damage your property, especially the roof that covers your house. Storm Damage in New Hope MN is typically destructive; however, the damage’s extent may vary from roof to roof. In this blog, we help you identify hair storm damage on your roof.

 Here are a few factors that influence the degree and type of hail storm damage in New Hope:

  •         Wind

The direction and speed of hail storms may vary. So, changes in the conditions of hail storms greatly impact the severity of the damage.

  •         Density and size

The density and size of the hailstorm also determine the extent of roof damage. A hailstone varies in size from as small as a pea to as large as a tennis ball. So, the size of hailstones determines the extent of roof damage as well.

  •     Building materials

Different building materials absorb the impact of hail differently. For instance, hailstones cause cracks in wood or vinyl siding, whereas they can lead to dings in asphalt shingles, aluminum siding, and gutters. Moreover, the condition and age of your roof also impact the extent of roof damage.

  •     Barriers

There are certain barriers such as natural or man-made neighboring structures like adjacent homes, tree cover, fences, etc. affect the extent of roof damage.

What does hail damage look like on a roof?

Different roof materials react differently when struck by hailstorms. For example, hail damage to wood shingles looks different than hail damage to the composition of shingles or asphalt shingles. So, it is significant to know the reaction of various materials to identify whether or not your roof has hail damage.

Here is how you can determine damage to different shingles:

Hail damage to asphalt shingles and composite shingles

  •         Loss of granules and exposed roof felt
  •         Black hail hits
  •         Soft-to-touch hail hits
  •         Random damage
  •         Shiny asphalt

Hail damage to wood shingles

  •         Random damage
  •         Sharp splits in the wood
  •         Brown or orange splits in the wood
  •         Dents or marks on the wood

There are many other shingle damage types that homeowners often mistake for hail damage. For instance, UV exposure or New Hope’s severe weather conditions often cause shingles to become brittle. This type of damage is often mistaken for hail damage but it is completely normal for shingles to appear aged. Also, other types of damage such as cracking, flaking, blistering, loss of granules, or algae accumulation are also mistaken for hail damage. Moreover, mechanical faults and manufacturing problems are also mistaken for hailstorm damage.

If you believe that your home has hail damage from a storm, it is better to call a professional hail damage repair contractor to discuss a repair plan for your house. The sooner you hire a reliable contractor to repair hail damage, the better it is. At Capstone Bros Contracting, we offer expert roof repair, hail, and storm damage, as well as other home repair services in New Hope at affordable rates. Contact us now and get a quote!

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Storm Damage in New Hope MN

Storm Damage in New Hope MN

Storm Damage in New Hope MN

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